The NFTs could reach the new FIFA with the seal of Nike

EA and Nike have reached an agreement of those that set great precedents, and we are not talking about licenses to place soccer balls and boots with the brand’s logo. As the statement says, both brands will work together to bring “digital assets” to EA sports games, and they will be creations born from the .Swoosh platform, that is, digital creations with a price. Yes, NFTs.

Will EA Sports FC have paid NFTs?

The statement leaves no doubts. Digital assets will arrive in EA sports games, however, the implementation of these virtual creations may be progressive, and not reach all games at the same time. According to Nike, the idea of ​​both brands is create new immersive experiences and reach new levels of customization within the EA Sports ecosystem, with virtual creations of the .Swoosh platform being included in future EA Sports titles.

Let’s remember that the .Swoosh platform is the Web3 marketplace owned by Nike where users can create a profile and purchase virtual creations, and that it currently offers a virtual representation of an OF1 box that you can later open (if you want) to discover what hide. They are priced at $19, and will supposedly have gaming features (it could be used in an EA game, for example) and even offer the ability to download a 3D file of the model.

The FC of EA Sports FC is from NFC

Many users may have their reluctance with the proposal. The idea of ​​NFCs had a huge boost between 2021 and 2022, but the lack of real utility and the numerous cases of scams and scams that have surrounded these digital assets have ended up burying most of the platforms that existed.

It is true that an option like the merger of Nike and EA sounds like something quite serious, but the shadow of the opinion of paying for something that you do not own and that vanishes is still present. If the new FIFA (now EA Sports FC) comes up with something that generates so much rejection, the start of the next generation of the soccer simulator may not be especially easy.

But the thing about buying cosmetics we already had

That is another way of looking at things. To this day, millions of users buy cosmetics for their games, be it a pickaxe for Fortnite, or a magical robe for Diablo IV. The difference now is that there will be a much more general store of these cosmetics, and all of them will have the Nike logo, being able to take that garment that you have bought to many more games, and not just one. Seeing it like this, it doesn’t sound bad at all, although we will have to see exactly how the idea is implemented.

Fountain: Nike
Via: Insider Gaming

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