The Nintendo Switch is now 30 euros cheaper

The new price of Nintendo Switch

The original Nintendo Switch has lowered its price to be placed in the psychological figure of 299 euros, an amount that discounts in 30 euros the 229 euros with which it reached the market last 2017. This is therefore the first official reduction of the console, a price that will become the standard for the Switch model with Joy-Cons and 6.2-inch screen.

This new price is already reflected in the official Nintendo store as well as in authorized distributors, such as Amazon, where the new price already appears in the form of a discount. The small Switch Lite continues at the moment are changes, and in what to the new OLED display switch, will arrive in stores on October 8 with the price that we already knew: 349 euros.

How is the Nintendo catalog

Nintendo Switch OLED

The result is therefore a fairly balanced catalog that begins in the 219.99 euros of the Nintendo Switch Lite, going through the 299 euros of the Nintendo Switch and reaching the 349 euros of the new Nintendo Switch OLED, which will offer the new viewing experience for those looking for one more point in their games (the performance will remain the same, remember).

It is a very interesting strategy on the part of Nintendo, since it happens to cover a fairly wide price range, and can even go lower with the offers of the Nintendo Switch Lite, which usually reaches 180 euros on some occasions.

How to fight against the next generation consoles?

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Nintendo is adept at bypassing the current market trend, and with the Nintendo Switch it has been doing so since 2017. For that reason, the launch of an OLED Switch fits perfectly into their plans. It is a console that continues with the same gaming experience, and all it does is slightly improve its use. As the manufacturer himself assured a few months ago through an executive, Nintendo’s proposals seek to change the way we play, and for now they do not believe that it is the time to do so, since the Switch still has a long way to go .

With this new price and the incorporation of the new model, Nintendo now only has to launch new games of those that mark epochs, and for that it seems that we will have to wait until 2022. Luckily there is already less and less.

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