The Nintendo Switch Pro with OLED is already real and it is not what you expected

A Nintendo Switch with OLED screen

Completely by surprise, without any Nintendo Direct involved and with a fleeting and sudden press release, Nintendo has just announced the launch of the new Nintendo Switch with OLED display, a version with panel 7 inches that will attract attention due to the incorporation of the highly anticipated OLED panel that will allow you to enjoy a higher image quality compared to the current generation.

The new console will arrive on October 8 and its price will be 349 euros, and from what we can see with this quick presentation is that it will not offer great changes compared to the current generation, beyond a better quality screen and an improved sound system.

Finer frames

The first thing that should call our attention is that the frames have been significantly reduced to give maximum prominence to the screen, managing to offer more inches, better image quality and a more striking aesthetic thanks to those reduced bezels. This means that on the outside we will be facing a console of similar dimensions than the original, with the exception of enjoying a larger screen with which to enjoy the games.

The support you wanted

In addition, the famous kickstand that we already found in the current Switch has been replaced by a stand similar to that of Microsoft’s Surface, a platform that will apparently offer greater robustness and a much better finished appearance than the removable piece that many have ended up losing. over time.

Finally, ethernet connection

Another change is found in the charging base, since although this base will continue to be similar (although with more rounded edges), an integrated Ethernet port is now included with which to enjoy the best internet connection to properly play games. multiplayer games.

And more memory

And finally, the last notable change will be in the storage capacity, since now the console will have 64 GB of internal storage instead of the 32 GB of before. It is a capacity that still seems scarce to us, but with which we can at least continue installing more games. Of course, we will continue to be able to connect a microSD card to expand said memory.

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