The nipple of discord: what happened to the Almodóvar poster on Instagram

The Parallel Mothers poster

If you are in the world of cinema, you will know that the filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar has a new film. Is about Parallel mothers, a dramatic film starring Penelope Cruz –how odd!-, Milena Smith and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón that revolves around two women, Janis and Ana, who coincide in the same hospital room and give birth on the same day, leading two apparently parallel lives from then on. The teaser-trailer It was presented just two weeks ago, confirming that the film will be released in theaters on September 10.

So far so good. The problem arose when Almodóvar unveiled the official poster for the film. In it you can see clearly and in the foreground the nipple of a woman from which a drop of milk comes out, in black and white, an image that, although it should not cause a major stir, has become the topic of the moment due to the measure taken by Instagram after its publication.

And is that the social network, known for its particular policy of censorship with certain images, decided to remove the poster, claiming that it breached the platform’s rules.

A censorship that has lasted 24 hours

This is what Javier Jaén, designer of the poster, made known, who uploaded the image to his account indicating that it was the second time he did it since Instagram had it removed at first for violating its nudity policy: «As expected @instagram has removed the poster we made for Almodóvar’s latest film #madresparalelas. I hang it up again. Thank you for sharing it. », Indicated the artist in the caption of the photo.

This generated a barrage of criticism on the internet, where the platform’s yardstick was once again questioned. And it is not the first time that the service has eliminated an innocent image for applying a too strict policy, especially if it has the female body as the protagonist – if the nipple were a man, would it have been censored?

The way to take action in the matter was also questioned: while the image was removed from Jaén’s account, the film’s producer and Penélope Cruz herself were able to share the poster without problems. Nonsense.

Possibly the rejection of the public has caused that finally Facebook has taken action fairly quickly. If yesterday the news was his retrograde way of proceeding, today what we can tell you is that the platform has apologized for what happened, explaining in a brief statement what has happened and understanding the artistic content of the image:

We initially removed several posts of this image for breaking our rules against nudity. However, we make exceptions to allow nudity under certain circumstances, including when there is a clear artistic context. We have restored the posts sharing Almodóvar’s movie poster on Instagram and we truly apologize for any confusion caused.

At least this time Instagram has come to its senses.

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