The NordPass password manager 70% off before Cyber ​​Monday

Although before starting, even if it is by way of curiosity, we wanted to tell you that NordPass is a service created by Nord Security, which are the same ones that have created NordVPN. You probably already know this service, since it is one of the most prominent in VPN management. Therefore, if you are their client or at least you know the app, you will already know very well the trust they offer and that, as we anticipate, they also include in this password tool.

Offer, although for a limited time

In future sections we will tell you the most important details of the application, as well as its tremendous importance. But first things first and that is knowing how much you will have to pay for it. Since last October 27 and until December 1 there will be discounts on some of the plans in this application.

At personal plan we can meet one 70% discount that leaves its price thrown in the 2 year plan, costing only 1.27 euros per month. This represents a saving of more than 35 euros per year, which is very important to take into account.

Although we can also find offer in the 2-year plan for businesses, which has a 50% discount that leaves it in 3.19 euros per month. Doing the calculation, your company would save almost 46 euros thanks to this offer.

A great addition to the iCloud keychain

Until now, you may think that a tool like this is not worth it, although without realizing it, surely many times you are resorting to password managers. Without going any further, the iCloud keychain is one of them and it is the main culprit that you can quickly enter passwords in apps and in the browser.

Why use a password manager?

If you still do not see clearly the objective of a password manager, we give you the six keys why you could be convinced to start using a service like this:

  • You will be able to say goodbye to post-its or any other element on paper and have to search if later you do not remember where you have saved it.
  • You will win in security and tranquilityPrecisely for not risking leaving data as sensitive as these written out there at the risk that someone who should not be able to see them or even that at any given moment they lose them on the street or in any other public establishment.
  • You will not lose access to your accounts mail, applications or any web service. Recovering the password can be very tedious and even impossible if you don’t remember your user account or the security questions either.
  • You will not put your Credit cards, which have certain associated data such as the pin, the digital signature or the CVV that are vital to make payments and if another accesses it … Bad.

  • You can share passwords easily and there are some that are very useful to share. See your WiFi password or Netflix account.
  • You will have the possibility to generate passwords, so that you do not have to remember them or go around eating your head thinking about what type of characters to enter.
  • You will avoid data leaks, since tools like NordPass offer a complete data leak scanner, analyzing the entire vault in order to identify if your data appears in any leak. For this reason, it also enhances other points such as those mentioned above with respect to your personal data and even your credit cards.

NordPass Key Features

While it is true that Apple’s native tool on iPhone, iPad and Mac is a good manager, in the end it falls very short compared to NordPass and other advanced tools. And more in the case of this one, since it offers premium features that make it very remarkable and even recommended.

Of course, it serves to cover those keys that we mentioned in the previous point, highlighting especially in the password creation safe and totally random and personalized for each account. Because one of the most important recommendations regarding network security is precisely that we do not use two identical passwords.

NordPass offers full compatibility with iPhone, iPad and Mac through an application that you can download from the App Store. Although if not all your ecosystem is Apple, you should also know that it is for Android and Windows. In all these systems it offers an application designed in a very intuitive way, with folder organization so that you can locate everything quickly.

The application itself is also very secure by not allowing access to anyone. If, for example, you leave an iPhone to someone else, they will not be able to access NordPass unless it is thanks to Face ID / Touch ID. In addition, it must be said that NordPass performs an analysis of the data to make sure you don’t have compromised passwords that may have been leaked into data theft.

The last aspect that we want to highlight, but not the worst, is that it also guarantees the privacy of your data and about which we have already told you something previously. And is that NordPass offers a data leak scanner that will be able to discover if your passwords or any other sensitive data has been filtered, having access to this tool from any device and at any time.

And protection is not only against third parties, something that is essential, but also against themselves. The creators of the app they will never be able to access your accounts and passwords, always being you the one in charge of managing this type of data with such a sensitive nature.

So is this offer worth it?

It would be ugly after all this to tell you no and more in view of the fact that we are regular collaborators of Nord Security, but regardless of this, we believe that it is a tool that is worth paying for in any circumstance for all the safety benefits that it offers and that we have already detailed. But if we also take into account the special offer you have now, this recommendation earns even more integers.

If you have also already considered subscribing to a service of this type, we believe that it is the best time if you hurry before the offer ends. It is true that there are other tools at an even lower cost, but we already guarantee that none have the solvency and trust of NordPass, since they are not always reliable apps and, paradoxically, they could end up being the evil that you want to avoid with them.

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