The Nothing Phone 1 has green smearing issues on the screen

The Nothing Phone 1 generated great expectation, especially due to the care of its design and the marketing campaign that it has been surrounded by. The truth is that it does not surprise me, after all it is a terminal that comes from the hand of Carl Pei, the brain that turned the world upside down in 2014 with that “flagship killer” called OnePlus One.

A lot has happened since then, and a lot has changed with the Nothing Phone 1. It is not a “flagship killer” and, in fact, the real value offered by this terminal for its price is more than questionable, especially if we take into account what other brands such as Xiaomi and its subsidiary POCO offer in the same price range. Personally, I think that asking almost 500 euros for a smartphone equipped with a Snapdragon 778G is a bit of a brake, but I understand that there will be people who are willing to pay that money.

Leaving aside the controversy of the price-performance value of the Nothing Phone 1, the truth is that this new smartphone it is not coming out well from the first contact that some customers are having with it, since many cases of problems with green staining on the screen and dead pixels on the floating circular island where the front camera is integrated are being reported.

It seems that replacement handsets are being given, but even in these new Nothing Phone 1 replacement units we are seeing the same problem of green smearing on the screen, which suggests that we could be facing something quite extended and that it could affect a relatively large print run of Nothing Phone 1.

Interestingly, this same problem has also affected some units of the OnePlus family in the past, which is a clear indication that everything could be due to the use of faulty OLED panels. There is no doubt that the quality control has left a lot to be desired this time around, although luckily for Nothing Phone 1 buyers it seems that the company has acknowledged the problems on Twitter, although it is not yet clear what measures it intends to take to solve them. .

We will see how the problem is resolved in the coming days, but if it turns out to be a hardware problem, it is clear that Nothing would have to offer free repairs or replacements, since we are talking about a terminal that hit the market just a few days ago, and of a manufacturing defect that should be fully covered by warranty.

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