The novelty of the AirPods Pro that Apple did not show at its event

We have new earbuds in Apple’s AirPods range from yesterday. The third generation of the basic range of these arrived with interesting news, although the AirPods Pro also had changes that, although they did not stand out at the company’s event, can already be seen in its online store.

MagSafe technology comes to AirPods Pro

One of the novelties introduced by the AirPods 3 was that its case allows charging through MagSafe. That is, not only can they be charged wirelessly, but it is also made up of a series of magnets that allow them to instantly adhere to charging bases that have this technology. And this novelty, silently, is now also available for AirPods Pro that are purchased from Apple from now on.

The charging case that the AirPods Pro had since its launch in 2019 already allowed wireless charging, although not in this magnetic way. Now if you get some you can already have this type of technology, although it must be said that aesthetically the case looks the same than the previous one, so it is not an appreciable change to the naked eye.

It is in the end a minor detail that does not have too much importance, but that is undoubtedly appreciated. The arrival of MagSafe technology to iPhones last year made both Apple itself and other manufacturers start to market charging bases that allow charging these devices in a single position that it is not necessary to look for, since it magnetizes itself when supporting them. . Now having this on the AirPods is ultimately interesting for the same reason, thus avoiding that they may not be charging correctly.

The unquestionable resurrection of the MagSafe

MagSafe technology really isn’t new. In fact, it comes a long way, since the MacBook of a decade ago already incorporated a magnetic connector of this kind, very useful to prevent the cable from breaking if it is pulled and to quickly connect this connector to the port. However, from 2016 to 2020 Apple stopped integrating it into their computers in favor of USB-C.

Last year technology was reborn and implemented in the iPhone 12 and in 2021 we have seen it again in the iPhone 13. With this, a few accessories such as wallets and even power banks. The aforementioned AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro now also have it, as well as the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. We do not know the exact reasons that motivated Apple to discard a standard so beloved by users, but of course it is welcome again.

magsafe macbook pro 2021

In addition, in the case of MacBook, the fact that the MagSafe is an Apple proprietary standard is no longer a hindrance, since they continue to allow charging via USB-C. Thus, Apple ensures that satisfy all users, both for those who are used to using cables with more universal standards and for the nostalgic ones who missed that magnetic charge of yesteryear.

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