The novelty of the iPhone 15 that you will love

The iPhone is without a doubt the device on which all the spotlights and all eyes are always placed, in fact, one only has to look at the number of rumors that come out about the possible new features that the next models will have. Well, we are going to talk about that in this post, about the change that the iPhone 15 will undergo and that will surely make all users fall in love.

There are many rumors that have already come to light about what will be the next iPhone 15However, this one that we are going to talk about has not been commented on until now, and it is that the ShrimpApplePro Twitter account has been mentioned in this regard, and although it is something that does not usually happen, when it does, it is usually quite successful with the rumors or predictions you make.

iPhone sides

iPhone screen will change

The iPhone has one of the best screens that can be found in the market, if not the best, well, don’t worry because this will not change, since the novelty that this iPhone 15 will bring has nothing to do with the technology of its screen, but with its shape. Apple seems to have in mind to implement what it does on the Apple Watch, but now on the iPhone.

If you follow the news of these future devices, you will know that Apple’s plans are to make the iPhone screen retracts curved into the device, as is currently the case with Apple Watch. Well, this may not be the only novelty that Apple brings from the Apple Watch to the iPhone. It seems, according to ShrimApplePro that those of Cupertino have in mind that this team all screen, be more all screen stillsince it seems that thanks to the implementation of this novelty they will be able to reduce the bezels of the screens, that is, that the part that can be seen can reach the edge more if possible.


Without a doubt, it is something that, although it may not attract much attention at first, I am sure that when users get their hands on these devices they will enjoy a lot. Now, this will also imply that we will have to be even more careful with this screensince in the end, being curved on the sides, it will have a greater risk that, in a fall, it could break.

However, in the end we always end up saying the same thing, and that is that this is nothing more than rumors, one of the many that have come out during this time and that will continue to come out until the day that Apple officially presents these devices. Now, we must remember that ShrimApplePro was already able to hit the design to the millimeter of what today is the Dynamic Island, so whenever you pronounce on a possible new function or implementation of the iPhone, you have to pay close attention because, in the end, your accurate predictions support it in that way. Of course, we will tell you about all this day by day here, in La Manzana Mordida.

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