The NSA tells you how to avoid Wi-Fi problems

NSA Tips for Using Wi-Fi

These recommendations can be used to reduce the risk of attacks when we browse public networks. The objective is to prevent our data from being stolen, since if we enter an unencrypted web page and there are intruders on that Wi-Fi they could read everything we send and receive.

Avoid public networks

The first advice is the most obvious: they advise avoiding public Wi-Fi networks. This of course would greatly reduce the risk of computer attacks when browsing the Internet. We can come across fake networks that have been created just to steal information.

How can we avoid this problem? In this case, what they recommend is to connect to networks that are reliable. For example those of our home, workplace, etc. Networks we can trust. We can even share mobile data when we are in places where we need a connection. There are different options to have Internet outside the home.

Deactivate the networks that we do not use

They also recommend deactivating the networks that we do not use. Normally our devices will have other wireless connections beyond Wi-Fi, such as the Bluetooth or NFC. Sometimes we have everything enabled and that makes us have a greater exposure.

What they recommend is only to activate those that we are going to use. If, for example, we are going to connect to a Wi-Fi network, to reduce the risk of attacks we should deactivate Bluetooth and NFC, in case our equipment has any of these technologies and they are activated.

Security risk of a public Wi-Fi network


Another tip the NSA recommends for using Wi-Fi safely is to use a VPN program. What these applications do is encrypt the connection and in this way the data always travels safe, without intruders stealing it.

There’s a lot VPN options for mobile phones and computers, but we must avoid those that are free. In this way the connection will work better and they will also be more secure to avoid problems. Of course, we must always avoid problems when using the VPN.

Limit or disable location features

The NSA also advises limiting or even disabling location functions when we connect to Wi-Fi networks. We can do this on the mobile and also on the computer. What they intend with this is to reduce the amount of data that we expose on the network.

Some programs or web pages will send data about our physical location at least approximate. This can be used by third parties to create a profile of us and thus have more information to be able to include us in Spam campaigns or even carry out attacks. If we avoid this we can reduce the amount of data exposed.

Ultimately, these are the four main tips that the NSA has given to use Wi-Fi networks safely. This way we will avoid attacks that affect privacy.

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