The NVIDIA RTX 4080 costs 1469 Euros, will its performance be worth it?

In recent days, it seems that the great protagonist of the news about graphics cards is being the RTX 4090, since it is the one that will be launched first on the market. However, the RTX4080 it is located just below in terms of performance, but also in price because it is still a graphics card that will cost 1,469 euros in its 16 GB model, and 1,099 euros in the 12 GB model. Now they have been leaked performance dataso we can discern whether or not it will be worth paying that fortune for it.

One thing to keep in mind is that the RTX 4080 is in an earlier situation than the RTX 4090 and that means it doesn’t have optimized drivers yet. This means that the performance data that we are going to show you below, if true, would probably be lower than what we will find when this graphics card is finally on the market, and it is something to take into account.

This is the performance of the RTX 4080

The model for which we are going to show you the performance data right away is the 16 GB model, that is, the superior model that has a price of 1,469 Euros in its base model, but whose personalized models will most likely start at 1,500 Euros . They do not indicate, however, if the analyzed model is the Founders Edition or a custom one, although it is true that the level of Overclock that they may have at the beginning will be quite low. With that said, here we go.

In Time Spy Extreme, a test of the 3DMark suite focused on performance under the DirectX 12 graphics API, it shows us a score of 11,387. In our own tests, we have obtained a score of 7,116 points with an RTX 3070 Ti or 6,596 points with a Radeon RX 6750 XT, so we can see that this RTX 4080 delivers performance close to double that of these. For reference, an RTX 3090 Ti, which was the most powerful graphics card so far, delivers 10,709 points.


In Fire Strike Ultra, also from the 3DMark suite, the RTX 4080 has a performance of 17,209 points, something that shows again that we are facing a much higher graphics than what we had until now. For reference, an RTX 3090 Ti scores 14,007 points, an RTX 3070 Ti scores 9,421 points, and an RX 6750 XT scores 9,148 points.


We have also been shown the GPGPU compute performance with the Aida64 test of this graphics card, where we see a performance of 53,620 GFLOPS (52.36 TFLOPS) in the single precision calculation, a little above what NVIDIA promised. By comparison, an RTX 3070 Ti offers 22.66 TFLOPS in the same test.

RTX 4080 Tomb Raider

To finish, they have also shown us an average of 128 FPS in Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 4K resolution and Ultra quality, a pretty impressive figure to tell the truth where an RTX 3070 Ti offers only 73 FPS.

Is it worth paying what this graph costs?

Having seen the leaked benchmarks on the performance of the RTX 4080, it seems clear that this is an excellent graphics card that offers a very high level of performance, even for gaming at high resolutions. Now, we will have to see the initial reviews to know other data such as its operating temperature or its consumption, two factors that can also be very important for a gaming PC.

On the other hand, we are facing a graphics card that, indeed, offers a much higher performance than what we have in the current generation, although those almost 1,500 Euros price will throw most users back. Is it worth paying for it? Well, for the vast majority of users, no, of course not, because for what this graphics card costs, you already have a complete mid-high-end gaming PC capable of moving any game to the maximum at 1080p resolution and even 1440p.

Now, if you are a user who is looking to play at 4K resolution and with all the graphic settings to the maximum and, in addition, you do not have budget problems, then you will have no doubt that this will be an excellent option for you.

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