The OCU sues Apple for the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were lights and shadows for Apple. On the positive side, there were two generations that marked a before and after in terms of sales volume or the excellent reviews of its design, which along with part of its components repeated the pass with the iPhone 6S. If we keep these points, it would seem that we are talking about one of the best generations of iPhone, right? Sure, but it would be a bit of a cheat to stick with just the good stuff.

Apple can consign the aforementioned to the credit, but later comes the moment of debit. In it we find a problem of design, choice of materials, engineering or incorrect use of the trouser pocket, whatever we want to call it, that gave rise to the Bendgatean event that made many rethink the conditions of use of their iPhones, and that many others remembered how robust the mobiles of yesteryear were, such as the revered and never forgotten Nokia 3310.

Now, the main problem of the iPhone 6 generation, as well as its successor, the iPhone 6S, came a few years later, when suddenly, their performance suffered a drastic dropwhich came hand in hand with an iOS update, and which especially affected those devices whose battery had degraded over time.

The answer against Apple accused of planned obsolescence, was particularly virulent, and the explanations given by the company, which stated that the reason for this decline in performance was well-intentioned, did not convince practically anyone. Politicians, regulators and users joined in a campaign against a bad practice carried out by Apple, which also opted for a support it and do not amend it manual.

Apple sued for the iPhone 6 by the OCU - MuyComputer

Although the drums sounded louder than ever in early 2018, their intensity has decreased a lot since then but they are still active. For example, a new class action lawsuit was filed against Apple early last year over the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6S Plus, despite years having passed since Apple intentionally and uninformed reduced performance. users of it, causing many to think that it had already become obsolete and that they were forced to buy a new terminal.

In Spain, both FACUA and the OCU have acted in this regard in recent years, and today we know from a press release that The OCU has filed a collective lawsuit by the Spanish users of the models affected by this action by Apple. The Organization of Consumers and Users puts the volume of those affected at more than 400,000, and demands compensation of between 99 and 189 euros for each affected iPhone.

The organization assumes the costs of the claim and its procedures, so that affected users can join it at no costand saves users the process of having to litigate individually, a case in which the costs of doing so will substantially exceed the possible compensation if the process is successful.

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