The official PS5 headphones are on sale and in stock

It has taken a lot to find them in stock for a long time and now, at last, they are not only available, but also generously discounted by 20%. What are you waiting for to get the PlayStation 3D Pulse? It’s possibly the best opportunity we’ve seen in a long time, so you’d better hurry up before they’re completely gone.

Sony Pulse 3D for PS5

The official PS5 headset They couldn’t have a design other than that of headphones that seem to have come from the future. Their modern aesthetics of white design to match the console itself makes them the perfect model to play in the new generation, but the truth is that their features confirm that we are facing a quality product.

The perfect headset?

Sony Pulse 3D Headphones PS5

Among the new technologies introduced by PS5, we found that of 3D audio, a quality that allows the user to enjoy spectacular sound quality with the possibility of recognizing the location of sounds with great precision. To enjoy this quality we must use good headphones, and in the case of Press 3D, are suitable for this task (hence its name).

These models are optimized to get the most out of spatial sound, so wearing them will give you a quality jump in the sound experience while you play.

With USB adapter and USB-C charging

Sony Pulse 3D Headphones PS5

Perhaps the most unpleasant point is having a USB wireless adapter, a device similar to a USB memory that will be necessary to link the headphones with the console. Unfortunately these headphones are not Bluetooth, so you will not be able to use them wirelessly with other devices, being exclusive to PS5, PS4 and PC with Windows and Mac OS.

In the event that you want to use the Pulse 3D on other equipment (such as the PlayStation VR), you will have no choice but to use the 2.5 mm cable that is also included, something that will also save you from a hurry at times when you run out of battery.

On the other hand, to charge the battery we can connect the headphones through the USB-C port that it includes, and thus recover the full internal battery that will give us up to 12 hours of play without cables.

No cables … and no noise

Thanks to the two integrated microphones, in addition to being able to chat comfortably with your friends in multiplayer games, noise cancellation will also be applied so that you are not disturbed by any outside noise. Its pads are especially comfortable, so you won’t feel too much discomfort when you wear them for hours.

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