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Samsung does not do things by halves with its launch offer on the Galaxy S22 and S22+. The premium smartphone specialist will definitely convince you to place a pre-order of its new reference devices.

As the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer, Samsung had to live up to it with its new Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra. If the latter is a cut above, it is also significantly more expensive. The Galaxy S22 and S22+ (which differ in size and battery life) are better compromises. They are the ones who will be its premium bestsellers in 2022.

Faced with the iPhone 13, the new Samsung Galaxy S22 have nothing to be ashamed of. Better, they can even proudly display their characteristics: they are an improvement on all levels of their predecessors, for a price that remains stable. With the introductory offer available on the official Korean website, you can make a huge saving.

Buy the Galaxy S22

Buy the Galaxy S22 Ultra

With each launch, Samsung has a real pressure on the first sales. It is for this reason that the manufacturer does not hesitate to multiply the advantages to give a real reason to enthusiasts to buy this Galaxy S22. For last year’s Galaxy S21s, the introductory offer was the best offer seen all year. For these S22, it could be the same.

As you will be able to read below, the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S22 comes with several advantages – financial or not. Among them, there is a trade-in amount that rises to 440 euros. You will also receive a 100 euro bonus in the event of a trade-in, and an additional 100 euro if you return an old S9, S10 or S20. Galaxy Buds Pro and Samsung Care+ insurance are also included.

Samsung wants to boost its sales

There is no doubt that Samsung will boost its sales with this pre-order offer. Until March 10, the Korean giant is delighting with some pretty crazy benefits on all the new Galaxy S22s. Below, we will go into detail on each of the bonuses awarded to buyers: get ready, they are numerous and generous.

The first advantage concerns the recovery of an old smartphone. By using the simulator on the Samsung site, you will be able to find out the amount that will be refunded to you if you return an old device. This can go up to 440 euros if you return a recent model in good condition. As a bonus, for the purchase of the Galaxy S22, you receive 100 euros bonus by default and 100 euros additional bonus if you return an S9, S10 or S20.

In the end, the refund on a return of an old smartphone can climb up to 640 euros. When we know that the Samsung Galaxy S22 in the 128 GB version is at 859 euros, the real financial cost is relatively low. As a reminder, the S22 + which comes with a larger screen is sold at 1059 euros for the same storage capacity.

Samsung’s second argument: Care+ insurance. The latter normally costs 149 euros for two years. For the launch of the Galaxy S22 and S22+, the Korean is already offering you a year of free warranty. But that’s not all: it also gives you 5% of the amount of your purchase in the form of Samsung Rewards loyalty points. You can spend them on the official store.

To this, he also adds the group’s latest generation wireless headphones: the Galaxy Buds Pro. The latter, worth 229 euros, are offered for the pre-order of the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Buy the Galaxy S22

Finally, we can also remember that there are exclusive colors on the official store: gray, cream, sky blue and purple. In addition to having these colors only on the official store, these also give you two more gifts: a fast charger and a protective case. In the end, these are two accessories that can quickly represent several tens of euros in addition to the cost of the Samsung Galaxy S22.

The Galaxy S22, luxury on Android

We had the opportunity to test the Galaxy S22 (and the S22 Ultra here), the products are up to expectations. Samsung has improved all the technical characteristics to offer its best smartphone. All run on Android with a manufacturer-specific overlay, One UI. If you are looking for high-end compared to Apple, you will have to pick from the Korean.

In terms of appearance, Samsung is already strong. All three Galaxy S22 models come with an AMOLED display (6.1, 6.7, and 6.8 inches) and a jaw-dropping 120Hz refresh rate. If you are looking for top-of-the-range screens, these models will be the benchmarks on the market. Samsung is known for making the panels of many of its competitors, its know-how is appreciated by all.

True to tradition, Samsung also offers some of the best photophones on the market. If the S22 Ultra has a head start, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ are also safe bets in the photo. This concerns both the triple photo sensor on the back and the selfie module on the front. Finally, for autonomy, Samsung presents devices that take a little more than a day, which is correct.

If you want to get into the deep end, you might as well take advantage of this introductory offer on the Samsung Galaxy S22. The amount of all the benefits included greatly exceeds the actual price of the smartphone. You would be wrong to want to buy a phone in a few months because these will no longer be available. This special offer already ends on March 10, as announced above.

To find out more, it’s here:

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