The OnePlus 11 will not have a Pro model, it’s official

The rumor had already been circulating for a few months, the manufacturer has just confirmed it himself: the OnePlus 11 Pro will indeed do without a Pro model this year. The information was released by Li Jie, president of OnePlus China, on the social network Weibo, in response to a user who still hoped to see the smartphone one day.

For the past few days, the OnePlus 11 has finally been official. For now, the flagship is only available in China. It will arrive, as usual, a little later in Europe, namely on February 7th. The presentation, meanwhile, was marked by the absence of a Pro model, yet present on all iterations of the range for several years.

The latter was not really a surprise in itself. Indeed, rumors had already been saying for several weeks that we would not see a Pro model this year at OnePlus. That being said, we could still expect this one to be announced later in the year. This will obviously not be the case, according to the president of OnePlus China himself.

There won’t be a OnePlus 11 Pro in 2023, it’s official

On Weibo, a user has indicated that in the absence of a Pro model, he could be tempted by the only model available, especially at the price offered. Lei Jie, author of the original post, then replied: “No One Plus 11 Pro, but the One Plus 11 is a perfect phone”. This puts an end to the hopes of all those who were waiting for an announcement in the coming months.

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This is the first time that OnePlus has done without a Pro model since the OnePlus 6T, released in 2018. Precedents therefore do exist, especially since the OnePlus 11 technical sheet still has arguments for it. . It includes a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, as well as a 120 Hz OLED screen and a Hasselblad photo module. But other premium features are missing, such as wireless charging. A decision that is justified by its price: from 3999 yuan (547 €).

Source : Weibo

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