The Orbital Children: the anime of Mitsuo Iso has a release date on Netflix (and a teaser trailer)

It comes from the event Netflix Festival Japan 2021, which ended a few hours ago, the announcement of the release date of the anime of Chikyūgai Shōnen Shōjo (Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls), coming under the title of The Orbital Children.

The release date and the first teaser trailer of The Orbital Children

Netflix will stream the director and writer’s project Mitsuo Iso as a six-episode series, starting next January 28th.

For the occasion, the Californian company has also released a first teaser trailer of the project online, which you can take a look at directly below:

Here’s how Netflix describes the story of the anime:

The story begins in the year 2045, when artificial intelligence is advanced and anyone can travel into space. Children born on the moon and children of Earth who travel in space meet in the Japanese space station “Anshin”. But their future is decided by the Seven Poems.

Iso had announced the anime, written and directed by himself, at the Anime Central convention in 2018. Kenichi Yoshida (Eureka Seven, Gundam: Reconguista in G, Overman King Gainer) he took care of the character design while Toshiyuki Inoue is the main animator of the project.

The Production + h. was created specifically to make this anime, Iso’s first new original project since Dennō Coil of 2007.

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