The original AirPods for 139 euros are a bargain

Quite often, we usually find good prices for Apple headphones outside the Cupertino company’s store, in this case we want to share with you all an offer for the original AirPods that, as the head of the news says, they have a price of € 139. This model of AirPods are the ones with a cable charging box and they are not the newest, but they really work very well and can be very useful for those users who are looking for cheap headphones and that are easily synchronized with their products. from Apple.

These are the original AirPods that Apple is supposed to end up renewing in September along with the new iPhone 13 models, and although we are really very close to see what they can add these new AirPods that will launch according to rumors shortly, we can’t deny that the originals are really cool headphones.

These AirPods are priced at € 179 on Apple’s website and although the price difference is not much, we can buy a cover with what is left over. This AirPods model also have a box option with wireless charging, but in this case it is the simplest model.

Their almost five hours of music playback (depending on how high you put them) puts them in a very good place to listen to non-stop music anywhere. If you are at that moment you need to buy headphones because yours have broken these are undoubtedly a very good purchase option.

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