The original ‘Angry Birds’ game returns to app stores

Did you miss it? Probably not, but the original game of angry Birds It is a historical title that could not be found in the two major mobile application stores, Google Play and the App Store, for a long time. Until now, and it is that Rovio has decided to return to it… with more than one change.

Talk about angry Birds it is to do it from one of the original hits that gave a game on the then beardless smart mobile platforms, Android and iOS. You have to go back to 2009 to commemorate the release of the first of the angry Birds and, in fact, it did not do so at that time for Android, only for iOS and Maemo, the system developed by Nokia. It would later come to Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and, of course, Android.

As an anecdote, Rovio decided to offer angry Birds free for iPhone after adding sales of more than 12 million dollars and with the game still appearing as the most downloaded application on the App Store, it was once released for Android in 2012.

Needless to say, the Finnish Rovio Entertainment, until then just another independent studio, grew like wildfire and laid the foundations for Angry Bird became is a successful franchise that has received multiple versions of all kinds and conditions, as well as cartoon series and even movies. And although they tried it with new IPs and they didn’t do badly, they never repeated the bombshell of the original and the occasional installment.

However, angry Birds It disappeared from the app stores about a year ago, it was explained, because the game’s design and engine had become obsolete. “The landscape of mobile technology and games today has evolved to a place where continuing to support them was unsustainable,” they justified his decision from Rovio. Basically, you had to keep giving them support so they wouldn’t lose compatibility and it didn’t pay off.

The original game of angry Birds He was not the only one to suffer the same fate, but he is the most significant to tell the story… and the first to return with a renewed form and substance. In essence, Rovio has just released a new series of games under the name of Rovio Classics and, obviously, the original angry Birds acts as a spearhead.

In a nutshell, Rovio Classics: Angry Birdsis at the same time the first and last of the company, a remake totally attached to the bill of the original, but with a new look thanks to the Unity game engine. Also, this Rovio Classics: Angry Birds It is not a free game, but costs a whopping 99 centsa price only suitable for nostalgic or very coffee lovers.

Talking seriously, angry Birds it is a very entertaining classic that is worth paying a few cents for, as long as you want to play it again, of course; and, how could it be otherwise, does not include advertising or additional payments. If you are interested, you have it available on Google Play and the App Store.

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