The outtakes of Spider-Man: No Way Home are for many laughs

Definitely, Spider-Man: No Way Home we can consider it as one of the greatest superhero movies in history, not because of its extraordinary box office results with a performance of more than 1,800 million dollars, but purely because of the plot, since it opens a gigantic door to a new type of cinema in which the plot arcs are valid for several decades. In this case, specifically, two.

Which for many is the Avengers: Endgame from the entire Spider-Man cinematographic universe, from the first (modern) movie that was released in 2002 by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire, has just been put on sale in digital format in the stores that we have on the mobile. From iTunes within the Apple ecosystem, to the Google Play Store for Android, as well as Prime Video and all the platforms that usually allow the purchase of movies (remember that the rental will not arrive for several weeks).

The fact is that Sony Pictures have taken advantage of this moment to show some extras that are really funny and that they usually come with some versions that are sold digitally. This is the case of the iTunes Extras from the Apple store, where in addition to the movie we get for the same price with a good number of documentaries that show us how it was done and even outtakes and deleted scenes. And of course, some pearls that show how much fun the actors had on the set.

Good vibes between the three Spider-Man

One of those little wonders that has left us Spider-Man No Way Home It’s proof that the good vibes between the three actors playing Spider-Man from different universes was key to making Peter Parker’s on-screen reunion convincing. Although the entire process was carried out with absolute secrecy, the actors hit it off so much that the result is a video in which we can see how that chemistry was at certain moments… committed.

Remember that, although the three actors are seen on the filming set with total normality, when the lights went out, the real odyssey of avoiding being discovered by the media began to suspect something in the first months of production of the film. . It is quite possible that both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire they have not lied so much in such a short time as during the weeks that the filming lasted, when faced with questions from the media and fans on social networks they had to deny their participation in the project over and over again.

Although seen with perspective, the true miracle is not that the two old actors of the first Spider-Man of this century resisted telling the truth, but that Tom Holland, Mr. SPOILER for his inclination to say inappropriate things, do not mess up by sliding that the same he was not the only one superhero with tights suit on Spider-Man No Way Home. But unbelievably, everything went perfectly and the secret was kept safe. Now you have the opportunity to see in first person that joke that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire had on set. A detail that, as we say, helped make the movie much better and show a chemistry between all the protagonists that has rarely been seen in a production of these characteristics.

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