The pandemic drives 45% the use of telemedicine in Spain

The telemedicine It has been installed in our lives and it seems that it has come to stay. Its use in companies has grown by 45% as a result of the pandemicmotivated not only by the accelerated implementation of telemedicine in companies but also by the degree of satisfaction that workers find in their use.

Thus, according to data extracted from a survey carried out by Ever Health to those responsible for human resources, health and occupational safety in Spanish companies, if before the health crisis only 38% of companies had included telemedicine services in their medical insurance, today that percentage has risen to 48.6%.

The main beneficiaries are the workers who, according to the same data, show a degree of satisfaction with the use of telemedicine of 78%, and the specialties that are most in demand are psychology (37%), physiotherapy (32%), nutrition (26 %) and dermatology (5%). In fact, 16% of employees resort to telemedicine outside the company’s health coverage, through their private insurance.

One in three employees feel reluctance

However, a third of employees feel some reluctance to use telemedicine. Of this third, 42% receive lack of closeness; 32% lack of technological knowledge; and 14% are concerned about data and information security.

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Barriers that at Ever Health have become pillars of its medical service thanks to the fact that, according to its CEO, Rafael García, “We incorporate the latest technologies to, among other advantages, facilitate real accessibility to all users.” “We have our own team of specialists, which allows us to guarantee the quality of care and the constant improvement of the service”.

Finally, Garcia points out, “We guarantee the security of the information thanks to the fact that it has the ISO 27001 certification, as the highest global standard for information security, among others.”

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