the PC version of the game is entitled to a collector’s edition, should we crack?

The Last of Us Part I is coming to PC very soon. The port will have the right to a physical collector’s edition, a fact rare enough to be reported on the platform. It is already available in France at a price of 109 euros.

The Last of Us Part I on PC is the port of the PS5 remake of the game released in 2013 on PS3, you have to follow! Scheduled for March 28this version should allow a new audience to discover the license, at a time when the HBO series is a hit around the world.

The title of Naughty Dog will land on PC in dematerialized form, of course, but also in a physical version. Something rare enough on the platform to be reported. Fireflies Edition is already available on the Sony site at a price of 109 euros.

The Last of Us Part I is entitled to its collector’s edition on PC

This special edition is reserved for the most passionate collectors. It contains a Steelbook box (with a Steam code inside), the American Dreams comics as well as various in-game bonuses, such as weapons. You have to admit it, nothing fancy for the price. Note that this PC edition is strictly identical to the Fireflies edition released at the start of the year for the PS5 version. This collector’s item is available in France, but not only, since it is sold in Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and even the United States.

The Last of Us

With The Last of Us Part I, Sony continues to bring its flagship games to PC. Players have already been able to discover Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, God of War or even Uncharted 4 on the platform. A way for SIE to attract a new audience, but also to give a second life to titles that have already been hits.

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As a reminder, The Last of Us Part I is an action/adventure game taking place in a world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse. We play Joel, a disillusioned man who must escort the young Ellie across the United States. A major title in the history of the media.

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