The Pentagon will have a special group for the investigation of UFOs

The Pentagon He reported that have an office to collect and analyze information on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that have been observed by the United States military forces.

He explained that it is a “synchronization group on the identification and management of aerial objects”, which is also known as AOIMSG, according to its acronym in English, which replaces the “work cell on unidentified aerial phenomena”, Created in August 2020 and then entrusted to the United States Navy, the Department of Defense explained in a press release.

The office will now be under the responsibility of the Undersecretary of Defense in charge of Intelligence and Security and the agency clarifies that the unidentified aerial phenomena do not β€œcome from little green men but from very real adversaries of the United States”.

It should be noted that the government is concerned about China’s spying capabilities that may make use of drones and other aerial means.

For now, they have not appointed director of the AOIMSG, it will be the person who will also be in charge of synchronize activities in the area and intelligence services.

In late June, the Pentagon released a document called the Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

And in the one that talks about the possible risks that you have found in your research on the UFO phenomenon. The information covers from November 2004 to March 2021.

The collection of information is a consequence of 144 reports made by pilots of the US armed forces they witnessed some unidentified flying object and which they describe as “objects that disrupted previously planned training or other military activity.”

In addition, it presented a new classification and to be able to understand the phenomenon less. The classification was as follows: disorder in the air, natural atmospheric phenomena, American industrial development programs, systems of foreign adversaries and others.

With information from AFP.


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