The perfect gaming chair does not exist… Newskill Horus and Zephyr: 150 euros

Many of us spend many hours sitting in front of the computer, either for work, surfing the Internet or playing long games of our favorite games. Over time our back suffers and although it is important to take appropriate attitudes when sitting for health, a gaming chair also helps a lot.

This is the Horus and Horus Zephyr gaming chairs from Newskill

Newskill Horus Zephyr

We are faced with two models with the same characteristics, but the only thing that differs is the material used, since the Newskill Horus has been upholstered in leatherette, which ensures that it is a durable chair. While in the case of the Horus Zephyr we find a gaming chair built with breathable fabric high quality, which provides a soft touch. Both models can be found in a wide variety of colors, so that your chair does not clash with the aesthetics of your workplace and / or gaming desk. In the case of Horus you can find it in 9 different colors, however the Horus Zephyr is available in 8 colors.

Regarding the general specifications of both chairs, we find that both are reclining up to 180º, which is ideal to make you totally comfortable. And do not worry about the resistance of these chairs, since thanks to its structure of reinforced metal up to 350 mm This stands out for its great stability. Thanks to their strong structure, both chairs can be used by people up to 150 Kg weight, so it is a highly resistant chair. In addition to having reclining armrests in both models with the ideal size to avoid colliding with the furniture that we can find around.

All this without forgetting his gas piston, which will allow us to adjust the height of the chair for all types of users and desk heights, in addition, both the Newskill Horus and the Newskill Horus Zephyr have standard wheels to move easily while we are seated and to be able to transport this chair easily .

Price and availability of these gaming chairs

Newskill Horus Colors

The Newskill Horus can be found in the Newskill online store, and its retail price is 149.95 €, while the Newskill Horus Zephyr is for sale for the same price and it is an excellent price, so how much each one costs is not going to be the reason that makes you decide on the fabric version or the leatherette version. And neither will the color, remember that Horus is available in 9 different colors, while Horus Zephyr can be found in 8 so you can choose the one you like the most.

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