The Persona saga is becoming more popular in Spain, and here you can buy the highly discounted games

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, better known as Persona in the world of video games, is a saga of titles that began its journey on the market 27 years ago for PlayStation. This RPG introduces us to a group of teenagers who have the special ability to invoke aspects of their souls known as Personas, hence the name of the game.

As the years have gone by and new versions have been released, the saga has been introducing changes that have only improved what was already a very attractive title and considered by both users and the press as one of the the best franchises within the JRPG theme, selling almost 9 million units worldwide since the first version was released.

Since 1996, a total of 7 titles of this franchise have been released on the market, games that are available for PlayStation in almost all versions, although the occasional title has also reached other platforms such as Windows and Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch and Xbox. .

Buy Persona games with discounts

If we take into account that the first of the 5 titles that are part of this saga is from 1996, the chances of acquiring it are very small. The same goes for later titles. However, we are not going to have many problems buying the titles that came later that are part of this legendary JRPG game saga at very interesting prices, taking advantage of the offers that we show you below.

person 2

Although it is a title that has been on the market for many, we can still get hold of it in remastered versions for Nintendo Switch, specifically with the Nocturne edition. At Amazon we can also get this title for PlayStation 2.

Persona 3 Nocturne

The third title in this saga can be found on Amazon for Nintendo Switch in a physical edition. It is also currently available for PlayStation 4 at a 10% discount. On Amazon, we can also buy the Nocturne edition for just over 28 euros. If we want to enjoy this title on a PC, we can take advantage of this Eneba offer through a redeemable code for Steam.

Persona 4 Golden

Through Amazon, we can buy the fourth title in this saga for PlayStation 3. If we want to enjoy this game on a PC, at Eneba we can find a code to redeem on Steam for just over 15 euros.

Persona 5 Royal

The latest title in the Persona saga is also available on Amazon in both physical and digital formats. The PC version can be found at Eneba through a redeemable code on Steam. On this same platform, we can also find the Xbox and PC version of Persona 5. If we are looking for this title for PlayStation 4 or 5, at Eneba we can buy Persona 5 in physical format for 25 euros.

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