the physical event is once again canceled

The organizers of E3 2022 have shared their fears about Covid-19 and are betting on a 100% virtual presentation.

For two years now, events, trade fairs and conferences of all kinds have been unable to be held in physical form, and are now without the public. E3, a major unmissable gathering for players around the world, is no exception and, after a completely canceled 2020 edition, the 2021 edition took place virtually.

From then on, the organizers had expressed their confidence on the return of a physical event for E3 2022, and had even started working on it with the city of Los Angeles. However, this will not be the case, since ESA announces today that it wants to give up this organization and plan its various presentations in a 100% digital way. A wiser decision certainly given the resumption of the pandemic in many countries. ESA states:

Due to the current health risks associated with COVID-19 and its potential impact on the safety of exhibitors and attendees, E3 will not be held in person in 2022. We are nonetheless excited about the future of E3. and look forward to announcing more details soon.. “

A virtual edition, but not devoid of content

Never mind, last year, that did not prevent the many advertisers from presenting us with incredible games, and we especially think of the famous presentation of Microsoft and Bethesda, voted best conference of the entire show. However, as wise and reasonable as this decision is, it seems that others have not yet understood the urgency of the health situation.

CES 2022, standing up for all costs

Indeed there is one show that has decided to resist, it is CES 2022. Being the largest technological gathering in the world, many advertisers have canceled their participation in the show even before it begins. And yet, the organizers did not see fit to cancel the event. Throughout this week, visitors were able to come to Las Vegas to take charge of certain products … well those whose brands have come.

And it seems that the Consumer Technology Association’s strategy has not paid off. In addition to having exposed its visitors to a considerable risk (despite a strict sanitary protocol), the association surely had to advance considerable costs for the holding of the event, which in the end only hosted a handful of people. So was the risk worth the candle? Nothing is less sure.

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