The Pixel 6 breaks sales records, Free victim of a major outage on the internet network, this is the recap

The Pixel 6, which is breaking sales records despite contradictory figures, a major breakdown in the Free Internet network, the transformation of a Xiaomi Mi 9 into a gaming smartphone with only 30 €, this is the summary of the main information for this Tuesday April 26, 2022.

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You had a particularly busy Wednesday and you didn’t have time to carefully read the main news from the Android universe? Do not worry, in this article we summarize for you the essential information of the day before, namely this Wednesday, April 27, 2022. On the program, sales records for the Pixel 6 announced by Google contradicted by the figures of another report , the transformation of a Xiaomi Mi 9 into a gaming smartphone with only €30 and a major breakdown of the Free internet network.

The Pixel 6 breaks all sales records, but…

According to the CEO of Google, the Pixel 6 breaks all sales records, also claiming that it is the Pixel that has sold the fastest. A great performance for a device that had a complicated start. However, a recent study by the research firm Wave7 affirmed the opposite total, ensuring that sales of Pixel 6 were in free fall among operators.

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He transforms his Xiaomi Mi 9 into a gaming smartphone with 30 €

A modder has tried a somewhat crazy experiment: transforming a Xiaomi Mi 9 into an overpowered gaming smartphone by modifying its technical sheet. To do this, the user installed two 3300 mAh batteries, reaching a total capacity of 9900 mAh. Next, he overclocked the Snapdragon 855 processor to consistently stay within its maximum frequencies. Same principle for the Adreno 640 GPU. To avoid overheating, a small fan has been installed at the back of the smartphone.

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A huge outage affects the Free internet network

You may have been one of the injured users. Indeed, a major failure affected the Free internet network. Over 2000 unhappy customer reports were logged within an hour. Obviously, this failure concerned the mobile and fixed network of the operator. In other words, users were deprived of any connection in many regions of France. Unfortunately, Free did not bother to communicate about the problem, leaving customers in the dark about a possible return of services.

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