The Pixel 6 will come without a charger and Google explains why

Apple was the first

Surely you still remember the commotion that was made at that time. Apple decided to do without a charger in the case of its iPhone, claiming that we all already have too many plugs and that this gesture would be one more grain of sand in the fight against environmental pollution – less excess chargers, less electronic trash. The world was then divided in two: there were those who believed that the decision was more than correct and that other manufacturers should follow the example, and those who believed that this was only to save costs on the part of the apple and that not everyone « I had a charger at home.

The controversy gave rise to all kinds of mockery and many brands jumped on the bandwagon, taking advantage of the bad press of the Cupertino company to point out that they would never do something like this to their users.

When we believed that the idea would remain an isolated case and typical of the people directed by Tim Cook, Samsung He jumped to the fore with a similar action, and also removed the charger from one of his latest smartphones, showing that perhaps Apple’s proposal was not so far-fetched. Even Xiaomi has tried to “join” the trend, although in this case it only did so in China – globally it ended up including the accessory in the box.

Now it is Google that has decided to follow the line set by the Americans and South Koreans, and has confirmed that its next Pixel 6 will not offer plug either.

The Pixel 5a will be the last

Pixel 4a

The middle The Verge has been in charge of breaking the news and echoing the words of Google. The company believes that “everyone already has a USB-C charger at home”, so they do not see it necessary to include it in the box of their next terminals. This reduces the environmental impact, they say, since less electronic waste will be generated – yes, the same reason used by Apple and Samsung.

The truth is that although this speech sounds very good, many see in this action a hidden intention that has nothing to do with being precisely eco friendly: that of Reduce costs in the product by the company, without this, of course, we see it later reflected in the final price that users pay for the equipment.

Whatever the real reason for this move, we must expect that the Pixel 5a will be the last to offer this accessory in its box while the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will already come without the charger. Precisely on this occasion we may not have to care so much, since the next offspring of Google will not arrive in Spain (except surprise), but the decision makes one fear that this will finally become a standard.

What do you think of the absence of a charger in the box of a smartphone? Is it really justified?

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