The Pixel 7 is coming sooner than expected, the iPhone 15 Pro will have a more powerful A17 chip, this is the recap

The Google Pixel 7 could finally be released in September, the iPhone 15 Pro could be more powerful than the iPhone 15, WhatsApp is entitled to a new native application for Windows, that’s the recap.

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Google’s next high-end smartphone has already been certified by the FCC, which could indicate a release as early as September rather than October. The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max may be the only ones to feature Apple’s A17 chip in 2023. After several years of using WhatsApp’s web app, Windows users are finally getting a native app. Come on, let’s go for the recap of the day Wednesday, August 17, 2022.

The Pixel 7 could launch a month earlier

While we expected Google to lift the veil on its Pixel 7 in October 2022, the smartphone has already been seen in the listings of the FCC, the certification body. Traditionally, the FCC adds a device to its catalog about a month before its official release, which could indicate that Google’s next smartphones could arrive as early as the end of September.

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The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will be the most powerful models in 2023

On Weibo, a leaker claims that Apple will renew its strategy of not using the same chip on all models next year. After the iPhone 14, the iPhone 15 could also be entitled to two different chips. Only the Pro and Pro Max models would be equipped with Apple’s new A17 chip, while the other two versions will have to make do with an A16 SoC.

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WhatsApp gets a new native application on Windows

While WhatsApp users have so far been entitled to a web-based app on desktop, the company has finally released a new native app for Windows. It is now standalone, and supports accounts directly on your PC. This means that you no longer need to use your phone to maintain the account connection and receive and send messages to your contacts.

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