The Play Store finally details the personal data collected by apps

Google adds privacy notices to each application page in the Play Store. These sheets detail what personal user data is collected and what it is used for. Developers will have to fill in these confidentiality sheets for each of their applications before June 20, otherwise they will be excluded from the Play Store.

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Today could be born a new scandal about Meta and its “hazardous” management of users’ personal data. Indeed, according to the engineers in charge of managing user information, Facebook is no longer able to know how this data is used. The information system has become so sprawling and complex that it is impossible to sort out and even less to prevent the use of certain data, even if the user refuses to allow it. An incredible situation that concerns all the same 3 billion people !

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Chance of the calendar, Google unveils today, April 26, 2022, the privacy sheets that will soon appear in the Play Store. These sheets are intended to lift the obscure veil that exists between the user and the application. A veil which concerns the concrete use of his personal data. Every user will soon have the opportunity, on the installation page of an application, to check what data is used and how it is used. Each user will thus be able, knowingly, to use or not an application.

Developers will have to indicate the personal data collected by their apps

Of course, it is not Google that will fill in these files. They are the developers. So they have until June 20 to submit their forms. They will have to indicate, for each application, what data is collected, why it needs to be collected and what becomes of it once used. Several different information may be displayed in the Play Store:

  • Does the developer collect data and for what purpose
  • Does it share this data with third parties
  • What measures are in place to secure your data: encryption and deletion
  • Does the app follow the Google Play Store family guidelines to better protect children
  • Do the developer’s practices comply with international security standards

Thanks to these confidentiality sheets, a novelty that may seem minimal, you will have better control over your data and will be a little more aware of how it is used.

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