The Plus games that arrive for free in September have been leaked

Plus’ free games for September 2021

The filtered list comes through the Dealabs offer portal, which has verified the information and has given it as good. As always, there will be three games, one exclusive to PS5 and two to PS4, and that in Spain will surely increase the list to 4 with a PlayStation Talents game. What are the games?

Overcooked! All you can eat

The arrival of Overcooked to the new generation came in the form of a compilation. And it is that with two such magnificent editions it is impossible to choose. That is the Overcooked All you can eat proposal, which includes the Overcooked! original and Overcooked! 2 with all the updates and downloadable content, offering in its entirety more than 200 levels to each one more fun.

Taking advantage of the arrival on PS5, the game arrives with 4K resolution and a rate of 60 images per second, so it will look great on your 4K Smart TV.

Hitman 2

The world’s most sought-after assassin returns to fulfill new contracts. Agent 47 will have to get back to work to kill a clandestine client and his militia, but after discovering his true identity, the operation changes completely.

In Hitman we will enjoy spectacular infiltrations, disguising ourselves with the costumes of the enemies that we fall, using more than 180 available objects and being able to complete up to 400 different challenges.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Put yourself in the shoes of the Predator and fight against the humans in this asymmetric multiplayer game, being able to also fill your position in the human team to fulfill the missions before the Predator finds you your team. Hunt or be hunted, one of two, but leave your skin in the jungle and try to put all your senses in the game.

This game did not attract special attention in its presentation since the graphics were not too surprising, but its playability and fun when you play with your group of friends will be worth it.

Are there more games?

The only game that could be more is the option of PlayStation Talents, so we will have to wait for the official press release from Sony to finally get rid of doubts once and for all.

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