The Polaroid Now + is the closest thing to having Instagram in your hands

Polaroid Now +, control your settings from your mobile

We are all clear that digital photography has been a real revolution for this artistic discipline. Not relying on a film has allowed many users to approach it and take photos without the fear of wasting a film with poorly exposed, focused or poorly framed photographs. In addition to significant savings in development issues.

However, despite all the undeniable benefits that digital photography offers, some users still have a special interest in analog photography. Possibly it is because of the final look so particular that certain analog cameras can offer, with that grain of certain reels, the characteristic color of each type of film, etc.

Among analog cameras, those of the Polaroid brand have always attracted a lot of attention. What’s more, the kind of photographs you get instantly Through their classic Polaroid reels they gave this type of photos their own name.

Well, now the brand launches a new instant camera that offers something never seen in previous models: a control with digital precision. Yes, the Polaroid Now + could be said to be the first camera that you can use as if it were one with manual controls. This unlocks new possibilities when it comes to obtaining results previously unthinkable for these cameras.

For example, by being able to control parameters such as aperture and shutter time, you will be able to get long exposure photographs or where the main subject or object is perfectly frozen in the scene. Here you decide, but the important thing is that you will be able to have photographic tools in a Polaroid camera that you may never dreamed of having.

To achieve all this, a mobile application available for both iOS and Android. This, once paired to the phone, allows you to control all these parameters with digital precision, thus being able to set the focus level by means of the greater or better aperture of the lens, exposure time, etc.

With all this plus the use of five analog filters offered by the Polaroid Now +, which allow tinting through color filters in blue, red, orange and yellow or a vignetting or starburst effect, increase the creative options of this camera significantly.

The truth is that seeing all the control that it offers, the results with this new Polaroid can be very attractive and you would not lose that point offered by obtaining the photo instantly and printed on the classic Polaroid films.

A classic design that falls in love

Regarding the physical appearance of the new Polaroid Now + nothing changes. The design continues to maintain that iconic look that you love so much. So it is not only an interesting camera for the results it offers, but also for its aesthetics. Is available in three colors (white, blue and black) and is priced at 149.99 euros. That’s what the camera only costs, then there are packs that offer different color and black and white i-Type reels for something else.

You have to bear in mind that the instant camera itself is inexpensive, that what makes this type of photo more expensive is the price of each i-Type reel, which is around 15 euros for a total of 8 snapshots. So it is what you really should value to know if it compensates you or not. But if it is not to go crazy taking photos like with the mobile, the truth is that the end result is very attractive.

The new camera can be purchased directly in the brand’s store, on its website.

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