The possible specifications of the Apple M2 Max are filtered

Just a few days ago the long-awaited Apple M2 finally saw the light, and as incredible as it may seem, we are already talking about the Apple M2 Max, which will be the successor to the Apple M1 Maxthe chip presented by Apple in October of last year together with the M1 Pro, and that we can currently find in the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, as well as in the still recent Mac Studio, in which we can also find the top of the range of the M1 generation, the Apple M1 Ultra.

As we already told you when it was announced, the Apple M2 integrates an eight-core CPU (same as in the M1) and a GPU with up to ten cores (up to two more cores than in the M1), yes, with multiple design improvements that provide according to those of Cupertino a very important leap in terms of performance. And that, of course, is what we expect from the future Apple M2 Max, Pro and Ultrapart of which could debut this year.

If the M2 represents a certain evolutionary leap compared to the M1, in the case of the Apple M2 Max, in view of the most recent leaks, signed by Mark Gurman in Bloomberg, it seems that we can expect a larger leap. And it is that compared to the CPU of ten cores and the GPU of up to 32 cores, the Apple M2 Max would have a 12-core CPU accompanied by a GPU that can scale up to 38 coresa whole beast of a chip from whose hand, perhaps this time, the long-awaited jump to Apple Silicon of the Mac Pro will arrive, the only system in the Apple catalog that still uses Intel chips.

But the thing does not end there, of course. Do you remember that in December 2020 we told you that Apple would have bought the entire three-nanometer production of TSMC, and that just a year after that it was leaked that Apple would already be testing this technology? Well now the rumors indicate that the Apple M2 Max could be Apple’s first integrated designed on this scale. If so, we can expect a significant leap not only in performance, but also in efficiency, something that Apple has been focusing on for a few years now.

Forecasts suggest that TSMC will start mass production of the Apple M2 Max at the end of this year, in the fourth quarter, so we could expect the debut of the first devices equipped with it (possibly MacBook Pro). between the beginning and middle of next year, between April and May. This would make sense, since approximately the one-year period that also separated the arrival of the Apple M1 from that of the Apple M1 Max would be maintained.

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