The premieres of the week on Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video

What premieres to watch this week on Netflix

This is all the new that awaits you this week on Netflix.

Monday October 11

Today we already have the first novelty with a proposal for the youngest of the house. And it is that the series for children The babysitting club (TV adaptation of the famous books by Ann M. Martin) takes up the course with a new season (2).

Tuesday, October 12

Again, Tuesday’s news starts with a children’s proposal with the arrival of season 5 of Mighty express. Anime lovers, meanwhile, will enjoy the arrival of the film Bright: Samurai Soul about the alliance of a human ronin with a murderous orc to save an elf from their common adversary.

Do you prefer documentaries? Well, tomorrow you will have no less than three to distract you:

  • Confluence: Courage in Times of Crisis: about those anonymous heroes who at all social levels help to achieve a better world while COVID-19 rages.

  • The Movies that Made Us: with the third season of this original docuseries about the blockbusters that marked generations.
  • The creation of Malinche: If you are a fan of Nacho Cano, you have to see this documentary about the creative process of his musical based on the love story between Malinche and Hernán Cortés.

Wednesday October 13

The equator of the week is starred in the first place by the film Rescue distance, about the intense relationship between two young mothers (with María Valverde and Dolores Fonzi). It is a thriller based on the novel of the same name by Samanta Schweblin.

The next film that you can enjoy returns to contact anime lovers with dramatic overtones with Violet Evergarden: The Movie. Its synopsis reads how Violet continues to hope to see her officer again after the world drifts away at the end of the war.

Finally you can see the drama (and within the LGBTQ category) Jacinto Action, a Polish proposal about a policeman in the 80s who does not agree with the investigation carried out into a murder in the gay community of Warsaw.

Thursday October 14

The Serie Other life premieres second installment while fans of the monologues can have a good time with One Night in Paris (with great monologues of the French comedy). Also Thursday comes Slashers, a horror film in which six contestants compete to win a millionaire if they manage to stay alive (oh waitDoesn’t this sound like a certain Korean series to you?) While three killers stalk them.

Friday October 15

And we enter one of the most intense Fridays that are remembered in the red N. The platform welcomes a good number of series premieres and returns with new seasons that we list below:

  • You: season three comes for us to see how things are going for Joe Goldberg with Love Quinn now that they are parents. Will he be able to keep his impulses at bay?

  • My name: New Korean proposal about a woman with a thirst for revenge after the death of her father joins a criminal network and ends up infiltrating the police.
  • Little things: Romantic Indian proposal premieres its fourth season this Friday.

  • Karma’s World: the little ones will also be able to entertain themselves with this new title.

In addition to all these novelties in series, several titles arrive in film format:

  • The forgotten battle
  • History of the occult
  • Little women
  • Four by four
  • Trip
  • The fantastic Halloween of Tibucán (childish)

Saturday October 16

The premieres of the week on Netflix end on Saturday with Misfit: The Series. The proposal for a youth audience takes us to the problems of the Misfits to prepare the new musical.

What to watch this week on HBO Max

HBO Max has a schedule full of new episodes of ongoing series and some new premieres.

Monday October 11

Today you already have new episodes of Real time with Bill Maher and Last Week tonight with John Oliver, as well as the documentary Nuclear family (the third and last of the installment) and the miniseries Secrets of a marriage.

Tuesday, October 12

The series Axios, Roswell, New Mexico and Britannia release new episodes of their seasons as the second season of We’re here with episode 1. Remember that the latter is a reality show in which famous drag queens are looking for inhabitants of small towns to participate in a one-night drag show.

Wednesday October 13

Two other series that add chapters are Supergirl, with the 16 of its sixth season, and Stargirl, with 10 from season 2.

Thursday October 14

Two series that you possibly expected if you are a DC fan return with new seasons. On the one hand we have DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, with the premiere of chapter 1 of its seventh season; for another, Batwoman, who arrives at the service with the first episode of his S3.

Friday October 15

The series What we do in the shadows, Legacies, Doom patrol, Teenage Euthanasia and Paco’s Men they are still ongoing with new broadcast chapters. For its part, it also premieres Fena, princess piratto (with its first chapter), perfect for anime lovers.

What to see this week on Amazon

The premieres that you can enjoy this week if you are an Amazon Prime user are three and they are concentrated on Friday and Sunday.

Friday October 15

We have the arrival of one of the titles in which the platform has put the most desire this month. We refer to GEO, a documentary series that shows from the inside the ins and outs of one of the most prestigious elite police forces in the world: the Special Operations Group. Although hundreds of applicants start the entrance exams and only a few end up passing them all and becoming members of the GEO

That same day you also have the option to see the new series I Know What You Did Last Summer, inspired, of course, by the popular 90s movie. The 8-chapter fiction tells us how a year after the fateful car accident that marred their graduation night, a group of teenagers are once again united by a dark secret and haunted per murderer. As they try to find out who is chasing them, they will discover that they all have a dark secret.

Sunday October 17

If you’re still looking forward to more titles at the end of the week, you can get hooked on the second season of Motherland: Fort Salem. In this series we met three witches who train to be part of the military arsenal of the United States and in this new installment we will continue with their adventures.

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