The premieres of the week on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video

Wednesday January 12

The crime movie How I fell in love with a gangster arrives on Wednesday, along with season 2 of Cheer.

Thursday January 13

On Thursday, a good number of new titles arrive on the platform. We got the mystery movie and police dyes Shameless (Shameless) as well as indonesian tape The photocopier. Also, if you want to get hooked on a new series and Asian proposals are your thing, come The journalist, about a reporter who pursues a government corruption scandal while certain power leaders try to silence her.

Friday january 14

Netflix has chosen Friday to finish launching its proposals for the week. You can see season 3 of the popular series like this After life and the arrival of Stock 81 (about an archivist who is inadvertently involved in a mysterious plot involving a missing woman and a cult), India These black eyes (in which a man will have to take desperate measures while being chased by the daughter of a powerful politician) and the animation special designed for adults, which we told you about very recently, The House.

In addition, an animated adventure also lands on Friday thinking of the children. We refer to Riverdance who will make a premiere “company” Comedian, a Mexican film about a comedian who is faced with unexpected new challenges in his life.

What to watch this week on HBO Max

These are the premieres of the week from the HBO Max catalog and beware because there are quite a few news.

Monday January 10

This same Monday, the content service has decided to put several series into circulation. The first season of icarly, Clues from Blue and you! Y The mystery of the hunters They arrive like this today in the catalog.

Also the first two chapters of season 2 of The Gemstones can also be seen today as well as the highly anticipated first episode of S2 of Euphoria.

Tuesday January 11

We have the premiere tomorrow of Playback, Appearance Y The lake House. Besides the series Claws, Nancy drew Y Call me cat they continue their course.

Wednesday January 12

The music special Acoustic Home this week welcomes rapper Plutónico. You will also see a new episode of Selena + Chef and of The Cleaning Lady, while T1 premieres in full of Twilywoos (for the little ones) and the first episode of S1 of Naomi.

Thursday January 13

They continue their cheesy And just like that …, Hacks Y The Dog House. The series also returns Superman & Lois with the first chapter of his T2 and lands The peacemaker with its first three chapters.

Friday january 14

Episode 10 of the first enigmatic season of Station Eleven will premiere on Friday, along with new episodes of B Positivand, Batwoman Y DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

They also premiere !Mother!, Shrek the third, Up in the air Y Blue summer while the little ones will be able to see season 8 in full of Dora the explorer.

Saturday january 15

If you are hooked on Call me kat, you have new episode on saturday.

Sunday January 16

Episode 9 of Blade Runner: The Black Lotus It will be available at the end of the week.

Premieres of the week on Amazon Prime Video

Only two premieres await you this week on Amazon Prime Video, both concentrating on the same day, the Friday, January 14.

The first is Hotel Transylvania: Transformania and yes, it is dedicated to the little ones in the house. The other title to enjoy (this time for the elderly) is The last big scam, a 202nd film starring Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones and Morgan Freeman, among others, in which two movie producers in debt to the mob groom their outdated movie star for an insurance scam with the idea of ​​saving themselves. However, they will end up getting more than they bargained for.

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