the premieres of the week on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon

Premieres of the week on Netflix

The red N is already preparing the champagne for the launch of one of its most anticipated series, Sandman, and a documentary that will give a lot to talk about (we are referring, of course, to Tamara Falcó). You are going to be entertained although yes, the news does not start until Wednesday. Keep that in mind.

Wednesday, August 3

Season 2 of the Brazilian crime series Good morning, Veronica. arrives Wednesday at the service along with two films: the German comedy Buba and the Mexican What fault is karma?

Also, now is the time for concerts and festivals, you will surely like to watch the documentary The Big Fudge: Woodstock 1999about the famous New York hippie festival and the disastrous edition of the late 90s.

Thursday, August 4

The little ones will be able to amuse themselves on Thursday with Supergiant robot brothers while the young people of the house will do the same with the manga Kakegurui Twin. We also have the arrival of the film in a romantic comedy tone wedding season and the documentary of the daughter of Isabel Preysler: Tamara Falcó – The Marchioness.

Friday, August 5

Friday will feature the premiere of a long-awaited series and of which until now we have not known as many details as we would like. We talk about Sandman, adaptation of the famous Neil Gaiman comics, which finally reaches the platform to the delight of its legion of fans -which is not exactly small.

If fantasy doesn’t go with you, then you can always enjoy Sump, Korean action movie sure to keep you entertained on weekend kickoff or Hindi Darlingswhile the whole family can watch The Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie.

Saturday August 6

For Saturday you can bet on mother of the familya Spanish comedy starring Carmen Machi and Quim Gutiérrez, in which Mari Carmen decides to accompany her son on what was to be his honeymoon after being left at the altar.

Premieres on HBO Max

In addition to the usual ongoing series, these are the news that arrive at the service this week.

Monday, August 1

How about we delve into the origins of Batman’s butler? Pennyworth places us in the London of 1960 so that we know what the life of the faithful companion of Man Murciélago was like in his young days and arrives just today to the catalog. It also lands in the catalog strength, a well-reviewed 12-episode miniseries set in a frigid but tranquil setting.

You can also enjoy new chapters of Westworld Y The Anarchistsfrom season 1 to the complete Hausen and from the top version of Game of Thrones: All 8 seasons in 4K Ultra HD, with HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Tuesday, August 2

You have a new chapter on Tuesday. Roswell, New Mexico.

Wednesday, August 3

season 3 of Tuca & Bertie arrives on Wednesday at the platform next to T1 of The Adventure of the Ring and new chapters Edge of the Earth Y What we do in the shadows.

Thursday, August 4

If you’re hooked on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin oa harley quinnthat you know that both series add a new episode on Thursday.

Friday, August 5

follower of Blessed patience (Breeders)? Then you should know that season 3 arrives this Friday along with new chapters of Primal Y Rap Sh!t.

Saturday August 6

On Saturday the little ones will be able to see season 4 of Summer Camp Island. In addition, there are new chapters of nobody knows anything Y The essays.

Sunday August 7

Those who want a movie session for Sunday will be able to enjoy the good german.

What to watch this week on Amazon Prime Video

We only have two premieres on the Amazon platform, but both are good enough that you don’t have to miss much more

Thursday, August 4

If you like sports and have Amazon Prime, it is likely that you have already seen the occasional chapter of all or nothing. This documentary series sneaks into the changing rooms of a professional sports team every season, showing us all that the viewer does not usually see. There are sessions dedicated to American football teams and also Italian, Brazilian or English football teams, the latter being the one that repeats again by focusing on the Premier League and specifically on Arsenal during its 2021-2022 season.

Friday, August 5

Friday opens thirteen livesa film based on real events that tells the story of how the whole world came together to rescue a group of young people who were trapped in the Tham Luang cave during an unexpected storm and how a team of divers did everything possible to rescue them.

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