The premieres that you cannot miss on Netflix, HBO and Amazon this week

Wednesday June 15

The 15th will be entertaining for Netflix subscribers. movies are released The God’s anger, Junior Y Centaur, plus season 1 of the new sitcom God’s Favorite Idiot and the Brazilian Maldives.

Thursday June 16

season 2 of Love and Anarchy arrives on Thursday as well as volume 2 of the animated Video clips from the world of Karma. That day also lands for the first time in the catalog the series of drawings The Deadlock: A Paranormal Park. the african movie Collision Thursday also arrives along with the humorous monologue Snoop Dogg’s F*cn Around Comedy Special.

Friday June 17

Fridays usually concentrate several premieres and this time it was not going to be less. You can see the second season of Hindi like this She; also the second installment of the Mexican neighbors war and the first of the British of police airs you don’t know who i am.

The movie spider-head, with Chris Hemsworth (yes, the actor who plays the superhero Thor) and Milles Teller, also premieres that day to put us on the trail of a prisoner in a state-of-the-art prison who begins to doubt what they administer to him, what not it is nothing more than drugs to control emotions.

Finally, you can also enjoy the documentary The Martha Mitchell Effectabout the wife of a Nixon cabinet member who denounced Watergate and was smeared by the US government to silence her.

Saturday June 18

Anime fan? You can’t miss the series then Spriggan which arrives on Saturday with its first full season.

Sunday June 19

Even on Sunday you have a proposal this time with Ben Crump: The Advocate for African Americansabout this man known as “the black American lawyer.”

Premieres on HBO Max

This is all that comes to the HBO Max platform from today.

Monday June 13

If you follow The time traveler’s wife, The baby either Barry, that you know that they all have new episodes this Monday along with Real time with Bill Maher Y Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Tuesday June 14

the newly released Irma Vep launches its chapter 2 together with 8 of the T2 of Gentleman Jack, Pause with Sam Jay Y Roswell, New Mexico.

Wednesday June 15

The 12 episodes of season 4 of charmed arrives on Wednesday at the platform.

Thursday June 16

The movie the father of the bride will be available on Thursday along with a new chapter of Superman & Lois.

Friday June 17

sickly hooked on The Staircase, TRUE? Well, you know that episode 8 (the last!) premieres this Friday the 17th along with a new one from Flash Y On my way with Irina Rimes.

Also comes the second season of taffy (for little ones).

Saturday June 18

Beside Mayans MC Y legacies, we have the arrival of nobody knows anything (yes, the podcast by Andreu Buenafuente and Berto Romero, now in video format).

Sunday June 19

In addition to another chapter of bewitched, you can enjoy a new one conversations between friends.

Premieres on Amazon Prime Video

On the Amazon Prime Video platform we have the arrival this week of three proposals, all premiering on the same day: Friday, June 17.

The first one is the summer i fell in love -based on the novels by Jenny Han-, a drama that revolves “around a love triangle between a girl and two brothers, the changes in the relationships between mothers and children, and the lasting power of a strong female friendship”, according to us. tells the synopsis of Amazon.

The second is My fake boyfriend in which Andrew’s friends, who has just broken up with his toxic boyfriend, invent a perfect boyfriend for our protagonist to show off on social networks. The problem will come when it goes viral and Andrew meets the love of his life on the other hand.

Finally he can also throw you some roses with the world is yours. In this Spanish film, Rafi sneaks into the hunt for a Marquise, who has brought together the entire Spanish high society, to sell his business. The rest… you can imagine it.

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