The premieres you must see this week on HBO Max, Netflix and Amazon Prime

Are you still super girl either Stargirl? So you know that on Wednesday there are new chapters. In addition, it opens In equal conditions.

  • Friday November 18

We jump to Friday to find the latest news of the week (we warned you, this time the surprises are conspicuous by their absence in terms of premieres) with the arrival of What we do in the shadows and the first six episodes of season 11 of Robot Chicken.

Premieres on Netflix

Unlike HBO Max, Netflix has a week full of news. These are all the ones you will see from today, November 14 until next November 20.

We jump directly to tomorrow, Tuesday the 15th, to enjoy Run away and win!, a Japanese competition reality show in which the participants have to dodge some hunters in black to be eligible for a very large prize. It also opens Camp Cretaceous: Secret Adventure, an interactive series aimed at the little ones with dinosaurs as protagonists; and two monologues: Dean Cole: Charleen’s Boy Y Johanna Nordström: Ring Polisen.

  • Wednesday, November 16

season 2 of someone is lying arrives on Wednesday to the red N as well as reality Mind your Manners, on good manners and etiquette. Several films are also released: Out of trackthai comedy the lost tenths Y The Prodigy. The latter is one of the most interesting of the month, with Florence Pugh as the protagonist and a rather curious synopsis: a nurse (Pugh) is invited to a house in a remote village to observe a girl who has not eaten anything for 4 months ( and without that affecting him). She eye that acting Miss Flo promise.

Do you prefer documentaries? Then you should know that on Wednesday you can enjoy In her hands: A mayor in Afghanistan and of You rationalize.

The final season of dead to me (this is the third) arrives for your delight this Thursday along with the Christmas movie christmas with you. As for documentaries, we have the arrival of I am Vanessa Guillen. and the curious Pepsi, where’s my plane? about the legal battle between a 20-something and Pepsi over a fighter jet won in a soda-brand contest.

  • Friday November 18

Season 6 of the famous Elite will be put into circulation this Friday to feed the cravings of all young (and not so young) Spaniards. You can also see the new hip-hop series Supreme NTMpart 2 of the adult animated series top secrets and season 3 of the children’s animation The Cuphead series!

In case that is not enough for you, there is also a Korean police series called Somebody and the children’s movie The country of dreams.

Do you want to get hooked on a choreographed period series? Well, you know that on Saturday the first episode of Under the queen’s umbrella.

Amazon Prime Video Premieres

This is all that arrives this week at the Prime Video service, Amazon’s streaming platform that you can access just by being a Prime member, don’t forget.

Animation lovers are in luck because tomorrow two titles land on the platform: My Hero Academia: World Heroes Queston the one hand, and on the other season 2 of naruto shippuden.

  • Friday November 18

We jump to Friday to find the rest of the news. That day opens The people we hate at the weddinga film with a family humor key, and A boyfriend for my wifeSpanish comedy film with Belén Cuesta and Joaquín Reyes.

The followers of the mythical the one that is coming They will also be able to enjoy season 13 of the series on the platform.

The movie A promising young woman It received 5 nominations for the Oscars and this Saturday it arrives at Amazon so you can check if they were well deserved.

fans of Better Call Saul will be able to see actor, Bob Odenkirk in other records in No one, in which a family man deals with the remorse and family consequences of not having a conflict when thieves entered his house at night.

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