The price of Nvidia and AMD graphics cards is finally starting to drop!

While the price of several cryptocurrencies is collapsing right now, the availability and price of GPUs should improve considerably for the general public.

After months of a shortage of semiconductors and a surge in cryptocurrencies that keep pushing prices up, especially on the graphics card side, things may finally be looking up. In any case, this is what surveys by Tom’s Hardware in the United States and 3DCenter in Germany suggest; according to their investigations spotted by The Verge, the average price of GPUs is finally falling!

Indeed, after a continuous rise in prices since last August, we are finally seeing a drop since the beginning of January. Between January 2 and January 23, the prices of RTX 30X0 series graphics cards would have dropped significantly. The average price thus goes from around 185% of the original price to 177%. In the case of an RTX 3080, the price thus drops from an average of €1,569 at the beginning of the month to around €1,416, a drop of around €150.


Finally a lasting improvement?

This is still a relatively modest decrease; across the range and on average, current prices are still nearly twice the entry price. But the good news is that this decline seems set to register over time. Moreover, another piece of good news encourages this interpretation; we can see that the average availability across the entire range is on the rise at the moment. La fall in the price of Ethereum and cryptocurrencies in general over the same period is probably not unrelated to this.

In any case, this seems to corroborate the predictions of AMD and Nvidia, which expected significant improvements in the 2nd quarter of 2022. If this favorable situation continues, supply could indeed end up catching up with demand around this period – a essential condition to hope to return to decent prices. We will have to wait a few more months in all likelihood, but a way out of the crisis is finally beginning to take shape in the distance. It remains to knock on wood for this improvement to be confirmed over time.

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