The price of the excellent 1TB Samsung 870 QVO SSD has never been lower than it is now

[Le Deal du Jour] The Samsung 870 QVO is a great benchmark for internal SSDs, but it’s even better to get it without paying the premium price. Today, the model with 1 TB of storage is currently at its best price thanks to a promo code on Cdiscount.

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There are many SSDs available on the market, but the really recommendable ones can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The Samsung 870 QVO is clearly one of them, because it obviously offers a high transfer speed, but above all constant even when storage is limited. A real advantage when most of the competing solutions sacrifice performance when the capacity reaches saturation point.

There is also no better time to fall for the SSD from Samsung, since the 1TB model has never been so inexpensive: only 79 euros on Cdiscount using the promo code 10 EUROS before proceeding to the payment of the order.

The design of the Samsung 870 QVO SSD.

To better understand the offer

  • What are the characteristics of Samsung SSD?

The 870 QVO first has a capacity of 1 TB, or 1000 GB of storage, sufficient to install your operating system and many software or games. Regarding raw speed, being part of the second generation of Samsung QLC SSDs allows it to reach up to 560 MB / s in reading and up to 530 MB / s in writing, depending on the manufacturer and varying according to the configurations of your machine. It’s still 10MB / s more than the old model, the 860 QVO.

This new model also incorporates the new TurboWrite technology which accelerates the writing speeds and maintains a high level of performance in the long term thanks to a larger buffer memory.

  • What devices are compatible?

Like most internal 2.5-inch SSDs, the Samsung 870 QVO plugs into SATA 3. A standard size that allows it to fit inside a PC tower as well as a laptop, to except ultrabooks. Note that the Samsung 870 QVO is not compatible with the PS5 either, you need an NVMe SSD in M.2 format for that.

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