The price of the Nothing Phone 1 revealed, Amazon can no longer recruit, this is the recap

Amazon did not wait for the official announcement of the Nothing Phone 1 to reveal the price of the smartphone, Amazon fears a labor shortage, as employees no longer want to work for the company, the quality of Tesla cars is falling drastically since 2021, this is the recap.

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The Nothing Phone 1 has still not been officially unveiled, but Amazon Germany has already put the smartphone page online, revealing the prices of all versions. The still unacceptable and cruel working conditions for Amazon employees are scaring away new recruits, and the giant now fears a labor shortage. Tesla cars have seen a significant increase in technical issues on top of last year. Come on, we tell you everything you missed from the day of June 30, 2022.

The prices of the Nothing Phone 1 revealed by Amazon

Amazon has posted the Nothing Phone 1 pages on its website, and therefore, their prices. We now know that the smartphone will be offered in three different configurations with a starting price set at 469.99 euros for the version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Amazon also confirms that the smartphone will be available in two colors from launch: White and Black.

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Amazon is no longer a dream, the company is having a hard time hiring

An internal study conducted at Amazon claims that the American e-commerce giant could soon run out of workers in its gigantic American warehouses, in particular because of the harsh working conditions that young people in the country no longer dream of. By 2024, the firm could face a major labor crisis.

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The finishes of some Tesla leave something to be desired since 2021

A study published by JD Power reveals that Tesla cars have experienced a significant increase in technical problems compared to last year. The situation is becoming quite worrying, since for 100 vehicles, there are already 266 reports. However, Tesla is far from being the only one affected by these finishing problems, since in reality it is the entire automotive industry that is suffering from the global shortage of components.

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