The price war is here: some GPUs go down and others are more expensive!

Speculation continues to make a dent in the world of graphics cards for gaming and is that prices are still through the roof and it is impossible to acquire a GPU even close to the MSRP, or perhaps this is no longer the case? A new leak reveals that one manufacturer will cut the price of its graphics cards, while another will do the opposite. Are we at the beginning of the breakdown of the current status Quo? Comes the GPU price war.

Neither stock, nor the price of rare earths, nor logistics or anything like that: GPUs go up or down in price precisely because of cryptocurrencies and not because of other values ​​that were already calculated and adjusted at the time. But then how is it possible for two manufacturers to take opposite paths at this time of the market and of the year?

The price war has just begun

There are no magic wands here, most manufacturers turn to the same companies to acquire the necessary components to form their products and as such lower the price or raise it has to have other more specific directions.

According to the Board Channels forums – which have already successfully leaked some news in the past – MSI will be in charge of reducing the price of some GPU models. Specifically, there are three complete series:

  • RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3080: reduction between 47 to 94 dollars
  • RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3070: reduction between 16 to 31 dollars
  • RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3060: reduction between 15 to 31 dollars

Interestingly, the only GPUs that will not receive cuts are the RTX 3090 and the future RTX 3090 Ti. In addition, it only affects certain models that have not been revealed and at the same time it is mentioned that others will go up in price. What does this strange movement mean? Unofficial declaration of price war on GPU?


Well, there are graphics cards out of the price range that will have competition with new models or, that these models cannot compete with those of other manufacturers and will adjust them.

The problem with this movement that is surely welcome is that it would indicate the brutal margin of income and benefits that MSI has, where in a normal market for GPUs this would not occur at such levels or in our dreams.

Sapphire RX 6000 GPUs will go up in price


The opposite path is still chosen by AMD where in this case, together with Sapphire, they will increase the prices of their GPUs by not a few dollars:

  • AMD RX 6900: $ 79
  • AMD RX 6600 XT: 63 dollars
  • AMD RX 6600: 55 dollars

The rest of the models either there is no stock of them or they will remain the same, which suggests precisely an upward adjustment that is not understood either, because in percentage terms it is quite high for a market where now there are plenty of GPUs and where the user is waiting for a let them go down to launch themselves for a new model while keeping their money in their pocket.

It is a price war where the first pawn has moved and it is to be expected that the rest will follow them to adapt to the new game to a greater or lesser extent, unless their products are at the limit of current speculation so as not to lose “profitability” with each sale.

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