The problems between WD and AMD return, what happens with the SSD SN750?

To be exact, the SN850 SSD’s write performance issue occurred when using it on a motherboard with the X570 chipset, so a firmware update is recommended. The problem comes when we talk about the SN750 and is that at the moment there is no solution in sight for said model, but the best thing is to put ourselves in the situation.

What was the bug with the SN850? Well, in the fact that when performing sequential writing to the NVMe drive, its performance decreased from 5.2 GB / s to 3.2 GB / s, lor that it meant a 40% cut in your transfer fee. Luckily Western Digital reacted to the problem and released patch 613200WD last July, where the company has also released new variants of its SN850, which despite being newer require an update to version 614900WD.

Well, Western Digital seems to have the same problem again, but this time with the WD Black SN750.

The NVMe WD Black SN750 SSD: Performance Issues at AMD

Performance Clipped SN750 Problem

A Chinese user has reported that versions of the WD Black SN750 that have been produced as of June 2021 have the performance cut with respect to the units under the same model that were manufactured previously. And it is that when these NVMe SSDs are connected to the M.2 slot in a motherboard with X570 or B550 chipset they have massive performance losses when performing sequential writes. The performance downgrade? From 3.1 GB / s throughput to 1.1 GB / s.

The causes of this performance reduction? We do not know them and we cannot guarantee that it comes from a replacement of components due to the shortage as has happened with units of the same type from other brands. In any case, the explanation for the change of components loses all the weight if we consider that the problem only affects when using the unit in certain AMD chipsets, at least for now. No cases have been reported with these losses on Intel platforms, which although they are not ruled out, seeing what happened with the SN850, everything makes us think that we could be facing another software problem.

How do we identify the SN750 models that are not affected by the performance cut? Well, if you have an SN750 with the firmware 111110WD then you do not have to worry, since your NVMe SSD will have its bandwidth intact with respect to the specifications promised by Western Digital. At the moment we are waiting for a firmware update to be released to fix this problem as they did with the SN850 over July.

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