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There is less left for the most chaotic weekend of the year to arrive at the level of offers. The black friday is just around the corner, and if at this point you still do not have a list of products that you will buy without blinking in case they have discounts, here we are going to leave you with some ideas so that you go with your eyes wide open as soon as they are offers are activated.

Desired deals for Black Friday

We have many devices that we would like to be able to get our hands on, so it is best to make a list so that we do not miss any. Do you have something you want to see at a better price? Here are some of our bets:

Philips Hue

Philips smart bulbs are still our favourites. For its excellent performance, for the wide variety of models available and for the perfect integration with all kinds of services. They are not especially cheap, which is why we would like to see them with a discount or promotion for this Black Friday.

It would be nice to see the pack of bulbs with connection bridge or some color models on sale.


lg g2 oled 97.

Now that the World Cup is starting, many users take the opportunity to buy a new television, so, once we’re ready to change, there’s nothing better than doing it in a big way. A Smart TV with OLED technology It is the objective that many still have pending, so it would not be bad to see the most interesting models of LG and Sony on sale.

In recent weeks, LG models have significantly lowered their price, so it is possible that we will not see big changes on Black Friday days. Sony, for its part, does not usually apply great discounts throughout the year, so in the event that a model appears on sale, it would be a unique opportunity.

smart vacuum cleaners

Robot Roborock.

They are a safe bet for Black Friday. Smart vacuum cleaners usually occupy the highest positions of the most repeated purchases on promotion days, so it is almost certain that we will see the classic Roomba, Cecotec, Roborock and Xiaomi applying great discounts.

If you buy one, we recommend the models with self-emptying tanks, which are incredibly comfortable.

iPhone 14

iPhone 13 Pro - Design

An iPhone 14 offer in the middle of November? it will be complicated. The most normal thing is that we see pending stock of the iPhone 13, and taking into account the great performance that the device continues to offer and the small jump that the iPhone 14 represents, this will be a fantastic opportunity to get pending units from the previous generation.

Still, it’s also possible that the iPhone 13 will be hard to see, and we have rather offers of the iPhone 12 and iPhone SE (excellent proposals if you want to save as much as possible).

Smart Watches


Still looking for the technological excuse to justify your delay in starting to play sports? Don’t worry, Black Friday is going to have the offer you’ve been waiting for, so don’t lose sight of the Amazfit, Galaxy Watch, Huawei Watch and company.

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