The profitability of online stores, in danger due to the rise in fuel

Another sector that is in danger due to the rise in fuel: online stores. The overload of customer service reduces the shopping experience of thousands of users. As indicated in a study by Outvio, the solution involves savings in transport costs and the automation of customer service.

According to this study, courier companies have started to raise shipping prices, with increases for the bands of less weight that, in some cases, exceed 10%. Consequently, 26% of online stores have already chosen to raise the prices of their shipments/products. In this way, they compensate for the increase in the price of shipments due to higher fuel prices.

The eCommerce must study very well what strategy to follow: if they assume these costs, losing profits, they raise the price of their shipments and/or raise the minimum threshold from which the shipment is free”, he comments Juanjo BorrasCEO of Outvio, who invites eCommerce to try a multi-transport strategy, as it brings many benefits to the shopping experience.

“We know firsthand that high shipping prices can have a very negative impact on sales. If the online store works with several transport companies and/or has the possibility of negotiating prices with a new carrier without worrying about the costs of integration with it, You have more bargaining power and you may be able to get better rates if your regular carrier hits you with a price hike. This is a very effective way to save transportation costs and increase buyer satisfaction with a greater variety of shipping methods”added from Outvio.

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Those who want to maintain free shipping, very useful to offer a better shopping experience, add from Outvio, will have to increase sales and retain customers, perhaps they should consider a change in their strategy: instead of doing it from €40, for example, do it from €60, thus ensuring that the customer spends more, offsetting the shipping cost with a higher purchase receipt.

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