The PS5 does not allow you to disable ALLM manually. What solutions are there?

Last March came one of the most important updates for the latest next-generation console from the Japanese manufacturer. And it is that, after the firmware upgrade, the PS5 added ALLM support to squeeze the HDMI 2.1 ports out of your TV.

In case you do not know this gaming function, say that ALLM allows your smart TV to communicate with a console to automatically activate game mode, which reduces latency and improves the user experience. Now, after updating your PS5, ALLM mode will be activated when you open a game and it should be automatically deactivated when you play a Blu-ray disc or watch a movie on Netflix, for example.

Undoubtedly, excellent news for users of a PlayStation 5 console, although a pProblem related to ALLM implementation. Has been Vincent Teofrom HTDVTest who has detected this problem, although it seems that there is a temporary solution until Sony solves this problem with the PS5.

The PS5 is no longer good for watching movies

As we told you, After the arrival of ALLM support on the PS5, the console automatically detects when it is connected to a compatible smart TV, activating the game mode on your Smart TV. Obviously, this is great, but it comes with small print: you will not be able to disable this option manually.

With the Xbox Series X, it is allowed to deactivate the ALLM mode manually in case you want to activate a filter or simply put a cinema image mode to watch a movie. But the PS5 does not allow to disable the ALLM, and here is the problem.

Owned by Vincent Teoh

As you can see in the image that heads these lines, when trying to access the settings menu of your television to change the game mode to another, you will see that all the functions are disabledforcing you to keep the game mode, which is perfect for enjoying the best titles for PS5, but not so much when watching movies or series.

Say that this problem is represented differently depending on the manufacturer of the TV. In the case of Sony, the option does not appear directly, while on LG televisions, the options appear dimmed, making it clear that you cannot access them.

Notably, Vincent indicates that the LG C9 and LG CX can solve this problem since they have a dedicated menu for it, but the Korean manufacturer removed this element in the following models, so the owners of an LG C1 will have to wait for the problem to be solved.

Do you have an AV receiver with HDMI 2.1? can be the solution

how to choose an AV receiver for your HDMI 2.1 home theater

Finally, the popular Youtuber has indicated that another solution is to use an AV receiver that offers HDMI 2.1 ports to act as a bridge between your PS5 console and the TV, preventing ALLM mode from being activated automatically. But still, We will have to wait for Sony to release the corresponding update that adds some kind of switch with which to activate or deactivate this mode to our liking.

As for the expected update of the PS5 to add VRR support, you have to be patient, since at the time Sony indicated that «Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is planned to launch for PS5 in the coming months. On HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and PC monitors, VRR dynamically syncs the display’s refresh rate with the PS5 console’s graphical output. Optimizes the visual performance of PS5 games by minimizing or eliminating visual artifacts such as frame skipping and tearing. Many PS5 titles experience smoother gameplay as environments render instantly, graphics are sharper, and input lag is reduced. Previously released PS5 games may be optimized for VRR via patch and future games may include VRR support at launch.

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