The PS5 hacking has already started (but don’t expect much)

Hackers manage to breach the security of PlayStation 5

The first console of the new generation that seems to have given in to hackers is neither more nor less than the PS5. And it is that, in a matter of two days, two independent hackers have published in their respective Twitter accounts a series of vulnerabilities quite serious on the Sony desktop.

First of all, Andy Nguyen (@theflow) posted a photo showing he had achieved access to debug menu of the PS5. This section pertains to the Console SDK, so only developers should have access. This process could serve to open doors for future hacking, but the programmer has made it clear that he does not intend to publish how he has carried out the process. In the world, this usually means that Sony is going to pay you a certain amount of money in exchange for the information so that they can reach patch it up before someone can use the bug for evil purposes.

On the other hand, vulnerabilities discovered by the hacker team fail0verflow are much more serious. The group, which already in the past finished with the firmware of PlayStation 3, affirms that they have achieved root access to the console, being able to extract the digital signatures without having to make a direct bridge with the motherboard, that is, only through the software, without soldering any type of cable or chip.

When will the PS5 hack come?

It is too early to give a date, since the fact of achieving a jailbreak on a console does not mean that it will be possible to run illegal copies of video games the next day.

It will be necessary to build a whole ecosystem of scene so that the hacking can reach the general public. First of all, they will have to secure the process before publishing any tools. Otherwise, many consoles could be bricked, that is to say, turned into a useless brick. On the other hand, they will have to program different applications to simplify the process, as well as to shield the console against failures, such as creating a recovery menu (what we know as a recovery).

What can Sony do?

If all this information is real, Sony could be in trouble, since its bet on this new generation would have been busted in a matter of a year, a far cry from the 4 or 5 years it took for its predecessors to be hacked.

The Japanese know very well that they cannot mediate with a team like fail0verflow because they already have a history behind them. It won’t be as easy as offering them money. However, the most likely thing is that the developers of the PlayStation firmware are reviewing the code of their latest system revisions line by line in order to stay as far as possible ahead of hackers. If we stick to the past and the rest of the consoles, the normal thing is that the entrance door of this exploit be the Web navigator.

What is practically certain is that it is a software vulnerability, so Sony will be able to patch the firmware as soon as the first utility is released to do jailbreak the PS5. If it were hardware, both Sony and AMD would have a serious problem, since, if so, all the PlayStation 5 consoles that have been sold so far would be affected. Any user could hack your console regardless of the console firmware version. But as we say, it is most likely a software problem. Sony will quickly release its patch and then the classic game of cat and mouse between the hacking team and the console developer will begin.

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