The PS5 Pro would finally arrive in 2024, but another console would be released this year

The PS5 Pro continues to be talked about, throwing even more vagueness on the release date of the latter. According to leaker Tom Henderson, who is generally very well informed, Sony is preparing the launch of the console for the end of 2024. Until then, a model with a detachable disc drive is still planned for this year.

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The more time passes, the more difficult it is to know when the PS5 Pro will be launched on the market. At this point, however, it is almost certain that the console will indeed see the light of day. As for when we can get our hands on it, that’s a long shot. In a recent blog post, leaker Tom Henderson attempts to provide a more specific answer to this thorny question.

According to one of his sources, Sony will launch the PS5 Pro on the market at the end of 2024. This source, however, does not provide further details. What about the new model with a detachable disk drive? This would indeed exist and could even come out this year. However, adds Tom Henderson, it would not offer any hardware improvements and will therefore not be called “PS5 Pro”.

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It’s getting clearer for the PS5 Pro, just a little

This next iteration “is just the beginning of the new hardware offered to PlayStation users for this generation”, says the source of Tom Henderson. This PS5 with detachable disc drive should thus gradually replacing the current model, in order to reduce production costs. In addition, a recent report by journalist Jeff Grubb claims that Sony is planning a showcase ahead of E3 to showcase its new consoles. It could be the announcement for April 2023 that we talked about in our columns.

It seems logical that the Japanese manufacturer waits another year before releasing a new, more efficient model of its flagship console. As the shortage is coming to an end and sales are finally soaring to new heights, the latter obviously wants to take advantage of this favorable period to maintain exponential growth. Moreover, it is still early to speculate on the improvements that the Pro model will bring. Again, patience is key.

Source : Insider Gaming

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