The PS5 Slim with liquid cooling that you will never have at home

The PlayStation 5, without detracting from the Xbox Series X, is currently the most desired new generation console by people. However, it is no secret that SONY’s console is quite large and many of us would like it to be smaller. Well, armed with impatience, a user has built his own PS5 Slim with liquid cooling and copper shell. A project that has caught our attention, but at the same time is not commercially viable. Let’s see, therefore, how this project is presented.

There is no doubt that the fifth generation of the desktop PlayStation is one of the largest consoles in history in terms of size. Measuring 39cm wide and 260cm deep combined with 104mm height on the standard unit and 92mm on the digital. It is, therefore, a system that we would like to see with a smaller size. And while we believe it is possible to do so with a rearrangement of the elements on the board. However, from the DIY Perks YouTube channel they have decided to do an even more radical project, to make the slimmest and most compact PS5 Slim possible.

This is the PS5 Slim with liquid cooling and copper casing

To carry out the project they have taken a PS5 Slim and have only left the motherboard of the console where the different chips are connected as an original piece. So it is a completely radical change. So much so that we do not consider SONY to have a PS5 Slim of this type on the design table, mainly because of the choice in the cooling system and the cost of the materials used for the project.

As long reduce console height from 92mm height to 20mm, the original model’s fan and heatsink had to be completely dispensed with and replaced with another system to keep the processor and other components cool. So it has been decided to completely renew the entire cooling system of the console. the challenge comes in getting to cool a chip with a TDP of 180 W with so little space.

For this he had to create your own water cooling block, which has been designed to keep the main chip of the console cool. In addition, the entire motherboard has been covered in copper on both sides, in order to better dissipate heat and power even at operating temperatures below the current model. Which he has achieved thanks to this design.

It is not assembled in one piece

Although to achieve it he had to do an additional traptake out the power supply from outside the console and replace it with another. Specifically, what it has done is to mount it in a separate aluminum casing where both the cooling system water pump and a new power supply can be placed inside. Specifically one HP DP5-750RB 750W Y 7 NF-A4x20 fans Noctua’s small size. All in order to ensure that the PS5 Slim with liquid cooling does not exceed the limit of 20 mm in thickness.

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