The PwC Specialized Center for Data Analysis estimates its annual growth at 20%

The PwC technology hub in Malaga and the University of Malaga (UMA) They have taken stock of their growth rate and have ensured that they have more than a hundred professionals, and that for the coming years, the workforce will experience a 20% increase.

The growth of this technological nodeone of the four headquarters that the company has around the world, is due to the commitment of the city of the Costa del Sol to new technologies and the strategic location that the autonomous community has for companies of great international prestige. A symbiosis between the public and private sector that serves to transform the Andalusian economic model.

The figures have been released during the visit of Antonio SanzMinister of the Presidency, Interior and Administrative Simplification of the Junta de Andalucía, to the company on the occasion of the presentation of the Second Cybersecurity Congress in Andalusia. Similarly, it has been disclosed PwC Malaga Cybersecurity Report.

The presence of engineers, physicists, mathematicians and doctorates in different disciplines on PwC’s staff make it a highly specialized center which since its opening has been increasing its number of professionals by 70%.

The partner responsible for PwC Consulting, Luis Lanepublicly stated the company’s commitment to Andalusia.

The origins of PwC Malaga

PwC’s Specialized Center for Data Analysis was created in 2019in the Ada Byron building of the UMA, for digitally transform companies from different sectorsestablishing a link between the university and companies, developing new digital data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity projects.

Now it is expected that in the coming years this type of services will increase in Spain and the rest of Europe with the creation of specialized teams in the development of AI based systems. The company has other technology hubs in Poland, the Czech Republic, China and India.

II Andalusian Cybersecurity Congress

It will be held at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos on March 22 and 23 and is one more bet of the Digital Agency of Andalusia (ADA) for turning the region into a benchmark in cybersecurity, added of course to the opening of the Cybersecurity Center of Andalusia. In the first edition of the congress, there were 1,000 attendees and very interesting initiatives were presented, such as the Andalusian cyber shield (of the Alba Project and promoted by Innova IRV, the University of Malaga and the ADA), which seeks the creation of a publicly accessible DNS service with filtering for any system with Internet access.

Andalusia already has a Cybersecurity Strategy prepared by the ADA to digitally protect the Junta de Andalucía and the entire public sector in the region. In the same way, the impulse of the protection of the digital identity of usersconsulting all the security with the digital Administration.

A new software contract for Andalusia

For a value of €11 million will benefit more than 7,000 professionals of the Board and will facilitate the coordination work between them, labor flexibility and mobility in terms of digital transformation. To this end, a training plan headed by experts in the field has been put into operation.

Undoubtedly, “a cultural change in the way of understanding work”has pointed out Antonio Sanz.

The ADA will use office 365 to improve synergies between the different agents, while incorporating security measures such as connection pattern controls or secure user management. The contract for this new software is, in principle, for 36 years.

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