The R&D center of the Motor de Jerez will be presented as a technological hub

The mayor of Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), Mamen Sánchez, took advantage of a meeting held in Madrid to present the Motor R&D Center in Jerez (CIDiM) as a “pioneering project in sustainability to design the automotive industry of the future”.

The mayor began her speech by highlighting the strengths of Jerez and the strength of the public-private partnership in the city. In this line, Sánchez has referred to the joint work that is being developed to obtain European funds that contribute to the reactivation of Jerez. In this way, he has also pointed out that the European Union has authorized 3,000 million euros to the Government of Spain to promote the electric mobility industry and that, approximately, the different calls to which “We are already waiting to be able to attend”.

In this context, the mayor has presented the CIDiM as a “collaborative project that has emerged from the dialogue and contributions of institutions, professional organizations and private companies”. In this sense, Sánchez explained that the objective of this technology hub consists in “make profitable and multiply the impact, in terms of knowledge, talent, employment and wealth, the Jerez-Ángel Nieto Speed ​​Circuit”. Thus, he has stated that it is “A first-class infrastructure, which can give much more of itself, for which we have planned a broad and profound transformation, with a twist that allows us to optimize one of the great strengths of Jerez”.

With this action, the City Council hopes to consolidate the city as “polo of innovation, research and development in the automotive and related sectors, implementing own research lines and transferring all this knowledge to the sector, through professional training, advice and support for new technology-based businesses”.

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Planned actions

Sánchez has pointed out that the CIDiM project will include improvements to the current facilities, as well as a set of new equipment. In this way, it is expected that the teams and large companies in the motor sector will continue to consider the Jerez Circuit “excellent test bed and a favorable environment for experimentation.” In addition, the mayor explained that the Circuit will have a center for technology transfer to promote cooperation and synergies between companies and public-private collaboration. “This center will serve to promote entrepreneurship, training and new lines of employment associated with the automotive sector, as well as new lines of business that will attract investment and events”.

From the environmental point of view, Sánchez has insisted that the project will entail a “sustainable innovation that will allow us to adopt low carbon emission technologies aimed at reducing greenhouse gases in transport”. In addition, he added that a circular economy line will be reinforced through innovation workshops that include the reuse of batteries and the use of tires. On the other hand, he has warned that the center’s energy supply will come from renewable sources.

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