The Realme 10 Pro gets a Coca-Cola edition for soft drink fans

We expected to have a real “Colaphone”, we finally had a Realme 10 Pro in the colors of the brand. The two companies indeed announce their first partnership for the launch of this special edition all in red and black, available for the modest sum of 240 dollars.

realme 10 pro coca cola

A crazy rumor surfaced on the web at the end of January: leaked images suggested that Coca-Cola was secretly preparing the launch of its first smartphone. At the time already, we imagined a partnership with one of the manufacturers on the market to help him in his project. The intuition was right, well almost. It’s finally realme which was retained by the brand, but not for the creation of a new device.

Indeed, the Chinese manufacturer announces today via a press release the launch of a special edition of its Realme 10 Pro. As you will have understood, this is an edition in partnership with the soft drink giant, which thus obtains the right toappdare its logo and colors on the smartphone. But not only: the entire overlay has also been redesigned to stick to the Coca-Cola theme.

On the same subject: Coca-Cola in turn invests the metaverse with a drink “with a pixelated taste”

Realme unveils the first smartphone entirely in honor of Coca-Cola

Indeed, the wallpapers, applications and screensavers all use the brand’s color code, even pushing the vice so far as to add bubble noises in ringtones of the phone. The box also contains several Coca-Cola derivative objects, such as a personalized SIM needle, a figurine or even stickers.

realme 10 pro coca cola 2

For the rest, the technical sheet is similar to that of the Realme 10 Pro already on the market. Under the hood, there is a Snapdragon 695 5Ga battery of 500mAh, 16 GB RAM and until 1 TB of storage. On the photo side, the smartphone has a main sensor of 108MP. Finally, the screen is an LCD of 6.72 inches with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

If all this attracts your covetousness, however, be aware that this amazing smartphone will not be not available in France, but only in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Find below our complete unboxing of the phone and its accessories.

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